5 Expert Local SEO Tips for Doctors and Healthcare Providers

Medical practices should apply local SEO tips and strategies.

Implementing healthcare search engine optimization can be a lot to take in and apply to a local medical practice. If you are considering SEO for your healthcare business, use this guide on the best SEO tips for doctors and healthcare providers.

There is a mountain of resources and articles discussing medical SEO tips and strategies, which can get overwhelmingly fast. However, the value that SEO brings to your local healthcare business is irrefutable.

Reach Your Target Patients with Strategic SEO for Doctors and Medical Practices

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SEO for doctors is often the difference between a potential new patient finding your clinic or not.

However, how can small local healthcare businesses rank higher against larger national healthcare systems on search engine results pages?

You can find the answer in today’s post. We’ll share some expert local SEO tips for doctors and healthcare specialists that give your local healthcare business a chance to reach potential new patients in your service areas.

The Importance of Local SEO for Healthcare Businesses

If there’s one sure thing, it’s that local search engine optimization has never been more vital for local healthcare businesses than it is now.

According to research, four out of five consumers have used the internet to search for healthcare-related information, including healthcare providers close to their location. 

On top of that, 70% of internet traffic is organic and has local intent. This means that your local healthcare business needs to apply the best local SEO tips for doctors.

What Is Local SEO for Doctors?

In a nutshell, healthcare local search engine optimization is a subset of SEO focused on making your website rank higher in the search results for geographic-specific searches.

For example, if you are an Orlando-based orthopedic surgeon, your orthopedic surgeon website should rank for search queries such as “orthopedic surgeon in Orlando” or “Orlando orthopedic surgeons.”

In some cases, patients will also type search queries such as “orthopedic surgeon near me.”

In that case, Google and other search engines will use the searcher’s geolocation or IP address to present nearby and local businesses relevant to the search.

Dr. John Hibbitts, MD FAAOS | Orthopedic Surgeon | Sunnyvale Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Center

Local medical SEO is an invaluable tool that helps your local healthcare business gain significant online exposure and visibility. When done right, it can help your medical practice website get included in the top-3 pack in search results.

If you’re overwhelmed by numerous SEO tips for doctors available, this guide will help. To help local doctors and healthcare specialists, we asked our team of experts, “What are the best SEO tips for doctors?”

Effective local SEO strategies for doctors require resources, expertise, time, and dedication. However, getting started is simpler.

Local SEO Tips and Strategies for Doctors

Leverage Emerging Search Trends

When you get custom SEO services for lawyers, you can reach more new clients.

Optimization is an ever-evolving process. As Google and other search engines’ algorithms become more developed and refined, they become more sophisticated in assessing websites.

This allows them to present more reliable search results to users and determine what information users are after.

Today’s top search trend is focusing your medical optimization efforts around relevant groups of intention-based keywords at every stage of a consumer’s journey.

Healthcare businesses should identify content gaps on their medical websites where they can insert valuable keyword opportunities. You can do this by providing answers to your potential patients’ specific questions.

Modern SEO tips for doctors are all about optimized medical content marketing. Those who can present their patients with timely, original, engaging, and relevant content that answers healthcare-related questions are most likely to improve their online search visibility.

Plan Your Healthcare Content Marketing

SEO is a proven digital marketing strategy. However, it requires the correct approach and implementation.

One of the most important local SEO tips for doctors is planning content wisely.

It’s vital for healthcare businesses to start producing content on their medical website regularly.

An essential SEO tip for doctors to remember is to create authoritative content when it comes to your healthcare content strategy.

Through effective content marketing, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your medical specialty and highlight your expertise.

Prioritize user experience, accessibility, and inclusion in your healthcare content marketing.

Target Local Keywords Relevant to Your Medical Niche

This is where the expertise of a medical local SEO company will really help. Identifying, using, and targeting the right keywords for your healthcare practice business can be daunting and time-consuming.

An expert local SEO specialist for doctors will know how to deal with keywords that can yield a high return for your business.

When it comes to keywords, one of the helpful local SEO tips for doctors is to utilize long-tail keywords when building content. This keyword strategy will drive substantial traffic to your medical website.

On top of that, local healthcare businesses should target “near me” search terms.

Keyword research and analysis is a comprehensive process.

Let’s say you are a dermatologist. Your dermatology website will naturally have high-volume keywords such as “dermatologist,” “dermatology,” and “dermatology clinic.”

As a local dermatologist, you’re unlikely to rank higher than medical information websites such as WebMD or other national healthcare organizations. The goal is to optimize your dermatology website with local relevant keywords.

However, there are certain keyword-targeting practices that you should avoid. One of them is keyword stuffing. A professional ad reputable local SEO company for doctors will know what best practices to follow when targeting local keywords relevant to your medical specialty.

Key Takeaway: Local SEO Tips for Doctors and Healthcare Providers

When someone needs a dentist, dermatologist, or physical therapist, they will type a phrase like “dentist near me,” “dermatologist near me,” or “physical therapist near me” in Google or some other search engine.

This is the standard approach modern patients use. If your medical practice wants new patients in the door, you need to leverage effective local SEO tips for doctors, so your information shows up to prospective new patients nearby.

Hire a healthcare SEO agency to help boost your practice.

By optimizing your healthcare business’ website and Google Business profile, you can show up when prospective new patients are actively looking for your medical services online.

When your healthcare website ranks for local searches, more patients will come to know you as a viable option they have.

And if you meet other essential factors, such as mobile responsive medical website design and seamless user experience, they would be more encouraged to reach out and schedule an appointment with you.

Boosting foot traffic and increased appointments to your medical clinic are two ways healthcare local SEO increases your healthcare business’ revenue.

On top of that, you can save on costly healthcare ads, which ultimately cuts down on your marketing and advertising spending.