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Dr. John Hibbitts, MD FAAOS

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You can’t help people if no one can see you.

Let us help you reach more people, save more lives. With professional medical website design and search engine optimization services in Austin, give people an opportunity to know you’re there, available to them, ready to help them with their medical problems and concerns - all with a user-friendly medical practice website optimized for search. Top Google rankings easily help you achieve this. Add on Google pay-per-click ads, content marketing, email marketing, social media advertising packages, and other digital marketing strategies if you like, and watch your practice soar.

As a full-service medical website design agency in Austin, our teams of professionals all boast tremendous expertise and years of experience in their respective fields, and can help you achieve the result you want from your online marketing strategy.

Your website reflects your brand and your practice.

How you come across in your Austin doctor web design should align with your physical presence and brick-and-mortar clinic.

Patients’ first impression of you occurs virtually, not with eye contact and a handshake. Your Austin medical website design needs to impress and deliver five-star healthcare website user experience.

The experts at Rule Your Kingdom will help elevate your website to the front of the line. We keep up with the increasing demands of Google’s AI bots and algorithms, ensuring our clients rank favorably and continue to stay on top. Prospective patients click into a well-designed, professional doctors website design in Austin that comforts them in your knowledge, expertise, and gentle bedside manner.

Just from your website, they know they are in excellent hands with you and put the faith of their future in your practice. That’s why it’s vital to partner with a premier digital marketing agency and medical website design and web development experts.

Block Out The Competition 

You need exceptional digital marketing campaigns and custom medical website design with high functionality and great user experience to catch the critical eye of Austinites and be deemed worthy of their attention. And this needs to happen immediately or they’re off to the next link in the Google results – your direct competitor within your AOP.

The discerning prospective new patients will likely analyze each and every feature of your healthcare website design in Austin, searching for clues of your competence and ability to win their case. Your competition is too stiff for slow page loads and mediocre design. Sophisticated Austinites will simply move along to something that satisfies their highbrow taste and is worthy of their attention and consideration in every single aspect of its medical practice website design in Austin.

We engineer your website for doctors and medical practices in Austin to captivate even the most cynical visitors – and lure them to stay.

Online Clinical Opportunities 

Telemedicine has created many new opportunities for clinicians to interact with their patients today, saving everyone the resources necessary to meet in a physical appointment. These advancements and functionalities are being fine-tuned as research on best practices continues to grow in this area, but it’s clear, telemedicine is here to stay. As a professional web design company for doctors in Austin, we will only continue to work to make it even more useful.

We can create patient portals for you if you like, enabling you to have confidential one-on-one internet conversations with your patients, informing them of results, issuing prescriptions, and answering their questions, all while integrating the conversation with their chart.

We can certainly add a video option there, making it possible for you to speak with your patients in real time if necessary – sometimes they may need for you to see some symptom of current concern or have a conversation for clearer understanding of conditions and treatment options.

And we will certainly offer plenty of information and strategic content marketing integration on the kind of work you do so patients can develop a clear understanding of what you offer and what they can expect from your medical practice.

Your medical web design in Austin can take your telemedicine features to the next level.

Patients can schedule themselves into your calendar if you like, fill out and submit intake forms, even review and sign off on HIPPA agreements.

Heck – if medicine wasn’t such a palpable business, you could practically run your whole practice from a custom and professional website designed by Rule Your Kingdom.

We can certainly set you up so that you can conduct a lot of your patient care without being physically on site at the clinic. Telemedicine tools created this opportunity. We’ll just leverage those tools in whatever ways you want us to.

A Tough Crowd 

Austin is an exceptionally thriving metropolis, rich in prestigious education, high intellect, and progressive creative culture.

The massive tech and governmental presences swirling within a world-class art and music milieu means Austinites are not your typical mediocre consumers in any way. And therefore, they will not accept mediocrity in any website they encounter while surfing the web for doctors in Austin. Their sophisticated palates easily discern original expertise from knock-offs.

Austin is not your usual Middle American city.  The stakes are high in this town.

If you want to compete for a top spot in web search results for doctors in Austin, your online presence needs aggressive treatment. We at Rule Your Kingdom have teams of experts at your disposal to develop a highly effective doctors website design in Austin and move you to the front of the search results line.

And because we know how much Austinites love their barbecue, all of our websites are mobile-friendly, enabling your prospective new patients to interact with you while waiting for their plate of deliciousness at Terry Black’s. 

What is SEO?

You know that SEO is the abbreviation for search engine optimization. To achieve this, people today tend to know that you need to use certain key phrases in your written content to attract the algorithmic powers that be and let them bestow upon you a competitive ranking for search results in your area. This is not wrong. Including certain keyword search terms in your text is not only important, it’s a necessary metric if you ever want to land in a top spot. 

What most people don’t realize is that content marketing with the seamless integration of SEO key terms, no matter how critical, is only the element of SEO that people can readily see on the surface. Google algorithms and metrics care about other things too: authority, uniqueness, and efficiency (among others). 

Your Ethos 

As a member of the AMA, you have automatic authority when speaking about topics under your purview. As long as you’re talking about knees or hearts or some body part and not something like copper pipes or used Mitsubishis, Google recognizes your authority and checks that box for you. You pass. 

Google’s brilliance doesn’t stop there. They also dig into who else out there is talking about you and what they’re saying. In the real world, who you know and what they’re saying – your reputation – matters a great deal to your success. This transfers to Google’s domain as well. In the eyes of Google’s algorithms, your virtual network helps cultivate your authority on your topic. As search engine optimization and medical practice web design experts, we help you get there.

Your Uniqueness 

You physicians, of all people, know darn good and well when it’s time to refer a case to a specialist – when the general service doesn’t allow enough depth to adequately address root conditions.  

In the world of website design in Austin, your general service web developers use templates for building their new websites. Site architecture, content, images – all rely heavily on templates. These may not be readily discernible on the surface, but rest assured, Google knows all. 

Website design should not be merely reconstructing or shuffling existing material for each new patient.

Your Efficiency 

In your medical practice, y’all run a bit behind schedule sometimes. We get that. You’re busy providing excellent care to the patients before us, so we just patiently wait our turn. 

Google isn’t so patient. Their algorithms don’t care who you are or where you’ve been or how many lives you’ve already saved just today. They want seamless website development, great functionality, and sizzling speed in your page loads. The more billionths of seconds your site takes to load, the further back in line your ranking.

Finicky Consumers

It’s not only Google’s algorithms that demand instant gratification. Your patient pool does as well.

These days, web users give sites about 3 seconds to show up and impress before they move on to the next link – your direct competitor. Their three-second scan tells them whether your page merits their time and interest. It says whether you can be trusted to show up when they need you based on your page-load speed.

It also answers their questions of whether you might have what they’re looking for, grounded in what they see once that page opens. 

Your website’s drive to the end zone begins with our experts in competitive analysis.

Once live, your website becomes protected by our server professionals who ensure your website is up and running smoothly at all times on all days.

Never underestimate doctors’ web traffic throughout the wee hours as insomniac future patients search desperately for resolution to their straining condition.

Let yourself be easy for them to find, and make sure you offer them all the resources they need, even in the middle of the night, to be able to go get some rest. All in all, and in every way: We hook ‘em.

Rule Your Kingdom is a premier and comprehensive medical website design agency in Austin. We are all you need.