Why You Need to Hire Local SEO Services for Attorneys

Hire local SEO services for attorneys and watch your firm thrive.

Your potential clients are looking for your services online. If you want your firm to be seen by your target clients, you need to hire local SEO services for attorneys. 

Local SEO is crucial to your law firm’s visibility in Google. As such, there’s no doubt you need to leverage search engine optimization for law firms if you wish to attract more new clients.

Reach Your Target Clients with Strategic SEO for Attorneys

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Unfortunately, several law firms still don’t hire local SEO services for attorneys. They fail to recognize the value of digital marketing and search engine optimization, yet they wonder why their law firm websites are not showing up on top of Google search results.

Don’t be one of them. 

In today’s post, we’ll take an in-depth look at why you must hire local SEO services for attorneys and how these strategies can help your law firm grow and succeed.

Understanding Local SEO Services for Attorneys

Compared to regular search engine optimization, local SEO strategies focus on boosting the online visibility of businesses that serve specific geographic areas. As a local law firm, 

You need to show up where your potential clients are looking.

Consumers – and your prospective clients – are looking for law firms that are “local” or near them. And it’s because of this consumer trend the term “local SEO for law firms and attorneys” came into being. 

Imagine your target client typing “(your specialization) + attorney near me” into Google or other search engines. 

They see your law firm website at the top of the list and highlighted on the map section – they can’t miss it. They learn that your firm is located in the same area. Who better to hire as their legal representative than an attorney in their own neighborhood?

It’s possible when you hire local SEO services for attorneys.

Local SEO experts develop and implement strategies that establish and strengthen your web presence.

They combine on-site and off-site optimization efforts to improve your website’s rankings in organic and paid search results in Google and other search engines.

Local SEO companies for law firms can help establish your firm's web presence.

In the competitive field of law firm marketing, SEO is crucial to generate client leads.

When you type terms like “lawyers,” “law firms,” and “attorneys” in search engines, hundreds of millions of search results will show up – quickly burying your law firm website into oblivion. 

Since consumers very rarely look past the first few pages of Google, your potential clients will never get to see your attorney website when it disappears into the hardly visited search engine result pages.

What makes it attractive to rank for attorney-related search phrases is the fact that users who look for “lawyers near me” are actively looking to hire attorneys.

Naturally, that makes those leads highly valuable for your firm than those found through standard marketing and advertising methods, which can’t pursue consumers seeking an attorney.

Local Search Is Crucial

According to a recent consumer review survey, almost 80% of consumers use the internet to find important information about local businesses several times a week. 

As a local business, what should you do about this vital piece of information? 

It’s safe to assume that consumers within your communities are online looking for businesses and services they need – including legal advice and representation.

For attorneys and law firms, appearing in local searches is essential.

The more you connect with local consumers and appear in local searches, the higher your chances of gaining new clients. 

Furthermore, when you have an optimized Google Business page, you can set it up so searchers can immediately call your firm directly through their smartphones. 

On the other hand, if your firm is not optimized for local law firm search, you could miss out on prospective new clients ready to hire the legal services you offer. 

Benefits of Hiring Local SEO Services for Attorneys

Here are the four advantages you can gain when you hire local SEO services for attorneys and law firms. 

Enhance Online Visibility

Seventy percent of user clicks go to the first five Google search results. This percentage does not include the paid ads at the top of the search results page.

If your law firm does not procure one of the top five ranks – or even get a spot on the first page of Google – it’s highly likely that your potential clients will never know of your firm’s existence. 

Client acquisition is an essential success factor in your business. Therefore, you must put yourself where your potential clients are looking – the internet. 

When you hire local SEO services for attorneys, you can significantly improve your chances of being found by your target clients.

Establish Reputation

In the legal field, reputation is crucial.

If potential clients want to know more about your law practice, they will likely search for your firm online. 

They’ll check out your website and visit your social media profiles. However, that’s not always enough. They’ll want to hear objective feedback. 

In local SEO and digital marketing, reputation management for law firms is an integral part of the process.

Make sure you hire local SEO services for attorneys with strategic reputation management techniques that highlight your brand’s positive aspects. 

Reduced Ad Costs

Pay-per-click advertising can drive high-quality leads to your law firm. However, generating organic traffic to your website without spending on ads is invaluable. 

If you hire local SEO services for attorneys, you will significantly reduce the need for paid advertising. Directing your efforts towards strategic SEO measures will let you leverage Google as a free advertisement platform for your law firm.

Increased Sales

A boost in high-quality traffic leads to increased revenue.

An increase in ROI is one of the many benefits when you hire local SEO services for attorneys.

With potential local clients prepared to hire your legal services, showing up as a credible and trustworthy law firm in your area will make you the prime choice for their legal needs. 

If local searchers are not quite ready to give you their business yet, it’s not the end of the line.

They will be encouraged by your firm’s proximity and availability. Instead of finding other law firms, they can visit your office and get to know your firm.

Does My Law Firm Need Local SEO Services?

From reaching more potential clients to boosting conversion rates, having a robust local SEO strategy for law firms in place can offer numerous benefits to your business.

When you’re ready to reach, engage, and connect with your local audience and take your law firm to the next level, hire the services of local SEO experts for attorneys and law firms.