What does an SEO expert really know?

Have an SEO expert help with your strategy.

You’re building your online presence. Your website seems strong. But you don’t seem to be getting new business from it. People have mentioned that you should hire an “SEO expert”, but you thought, “What can they really do for me? What do they really know that I don’t know or can’t learn?”

It’s true – you can become an SEO expert if you want. It takes time and investment in a number of tools, processes, and newstreams to learn everything there is to know about optimizing a website.

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SEO is an amazing skill set, and as a business owner, it helps you to know a thing or two. But unless you want to make web optimization your full-time gig, consider limiting your knowledge. There are already experts out there, and we suggest hiring one who has the experience to handle your business’ site.

When you've hit a roadblock, ask an SEO expert.
When you’ve hit a roadblock, ask an SEO expert.

When you’re looking to hire the best SEO expert, you can ask the right questions to find out what they know.

First and Foremost: Keywords

SEO experts are experts in language. The right person to build your SEO strategy should fully understand your business, your products and services, and your goals. Keywords will change based on location, target audience, and industry. And a true SEO expert is prepared to handle them all.

Keywords are the basis for all website optimization. You need to use the right words, in the right places and in the right amounts, in order to attract the attention of both the search engine bots and real, human readers.

Researching keywords is essential. There are similar terms that may not result in as high of traffic rates for your website, or there may be closely-related phrases that could make your website rank better. But without the right software and processes to compare and strategize for the most effective SEO layout, your site will never be able to take advantage of these search features.

Second: Site Structure

Google and other search engines like to see websites structured in a certain way for SEO. It won’t help to use high-ranking search terms if multiple pages on your site are competing for rankings for the same term. And it won’t help if there isn’t a cohesive keyword strategy that is reinforced and supported throughout your entire site. You have to make sure that each page connects to appropriate pages in the right places, and that all your site’s links funnel correctly. The stronger a foundation of SEO you have built into your site, the stronger results you’ll see.

Third: SEO Details

Do you know how to optimize your images? What about meta descriptions? Don’t forget to categorize any posts and optimize your blog post categories.

There are a number of small details in site optimization – from how to title your images, to how to write captions and Alt text for those images, to how and where to place mention of your social media accounts. The more of these details your site has optimized, the easier it will be for your site to rank. And an SEO expert who has worked on optimizing many different types of sites will be able to find the small details that will really matter to making your site competitive in your market.

Fourth: SEO Expert Link Building

You may have heard about link building, and even have some idea how to link the pages on your site together. But do you know how to get high-ranking websites to link to your page? Do you know how to create a boost of link building power using Tier-2 and Tier-3 link structures?

These are advanced techniques, and a valuable SEO expert should be able to tell you how they plan to use the high-rankings of other websites to generate more power and traffic to your site.

The more strategy your SEO expert puts into play, the better the results.

The more strategy your SEO expert puts into play, the better the results.

Lastly: SEO Experts Plan for the Future

Search Engine Optimization changes with every major search engine update. As Google and other search engines develop more sophisticated algorithms to provide people with better search matches, websites have to keep up.

Even if you recently optimized your site – say within the past year or two – it may be time for another update. Working with a true SEO expert can keep you at the top of your game no matter what is going on in the search engine world.