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Since 2011, Rule Your Kingdom has developed spectacular attorney websites built to produce a continual flow of desirable clients for your AOP.

Providing cutting-edge, intelligent, customized web design services since 2011, Rule Your Kingdom is a website design company for attorneys in Indianapolis. We help businesses grow exponentially through powerful, customized website design and web-based social media optimization and social media marketing strategies.

What is SEO, Actually?

A lot of people think that search engine optimization means putting the right keywords in your content so Google algorithms will pick up on them whenever a user types them into the search field. This is accurate – but only the part of the iceberg you can see.

This is accurate – but only the part of the iceberg you can see.

Law Firm Web Design Indianapolis

We at RYK will push your custom website toward the top of the Google rankings when people search for your website for lawyers in Indianapolis.

Hire us, and instead of trying to grapple with miniscule but critical web design and development elements like functionality, color schemes, user experience, headers, tags, and backlinks – while watching your billables crash and burn.

You just stick to the practice of providing excellent representation and legal services to your clients.

Our Powerful Teams of Experts

Nothing great was ever achieved by a single person. We work with each other to build ideas and bring them to life. Our RYK team of custom attorney website designers in Indianapolis is no different.

We have teams of experts in their respective fields, and each brings their own expertise to your web presence.

  • Our Competitive Analysis team identifies the optimal SEO keywords and site parameters for your site, then passes that information off to the writers.
  • Our writers then craft the written content for your website for attorneys in Indianapolis that promotes your AOP and highlights your credibility, trustworthiness, and relentless pursuit of justice for all you serve.
  • Website developers then reduce this visual artistry to written computer language, and your site comes to life.
  • Another arm of our tech team ensures your site is always up and running, operating smoothly amid the various updates of its features.


We operate with an ethic that precludes us from representing more than one professional per practice area in your city. Why, because there’s only room for one number one in Google, and competing against ourselves on behalf of two different clients would be both silly and wrong. Hire us first, and we conflict out all of your competition. We are all yours!

Google is Watching

In order to rank favorably among your colleagues in Google’s search results, you need your website optimized at every level – not only the visibility of the right keyword search terms in your elegant esquire prose.

Google’s geniuses continue to move forward with their progress in cyberspace. Their bots scour every single webpage on the web, endlessly judging, evaluating, ranking. Comparing sites within areas of practice and geographical area. Looking for sameness and uniqueness. Running each page against their algorithms to determine where that page deserves to land in search results.

Those algorithms are written to reward certain characteristics, and veritably ignore websites that don’t exhibit those characteristics by letting those websites for attorneys in Indianapolis land among the pack – somewhere around page 27.

Here’s what Google wants to see.

Show Them Your Uniqueness

Design, by its very nature, involves creativity and innovation.

Attorney website design in Indianapolis, as an area of design, should not be an exception. Yet, countless website design companies for attorneys in Indianapolis build from templates. They offer each of their customers basically the same old thing with fresh lipstick.

There’s nothing wrong with using forms for a lot of things and they have an important place in some spaces, for certain. It’s not a good idea to creatively craft a subpoena, for example. But in creative spaces, using templates is nothing short of laziness. Not a lot of cultures value laziness, and the finicky powers that rule cyberspace definitely do not.

Google notices the degree of uniqueness of your website at every level – site architecture, images, content, and more. Those websites developed from templates do not get invited to compete for top spots.

Only tailored, unique websites get the privilege of top ranking – along with all of the spoils that come with those top positions.

Hire us, your custom attorney website designers in Indianapolis, to develop your website for attorneys in Indianapolis and such a ranking translates to a line of new clients stretching out your office door all the way to the Brickyard.

Show You Know Your Stuff

The legal world has some gatekeepers to ensure everyone who practices law is fully capable and competent, and has sworn to do the right thing.

No random Guido can hang a shingle and call himself a barrister in the land of Jack and Diane. You’ve got to have the right letters bestowed upon you by the community you’ve joined or you’re not allowed in. No one is born with an AAL behind their name and you can’t get into the Indiana State Bar Association without it.

The legal world doesn’t require clients be represented by professional attorneys though – and we all know how that works out.

Cyberspace does not have the same kind of gatekeepers. At. All.


Anyone can hop into the internet’s pit and fiddle with all kinds of things. Some know what they’re doing and get their target website to the checkered flag jubilee. Others don’t know what they’re doing but that doesn’t stop them from fiddling. We know what happens when a non-mechanic fiddles with a racecar. And we cringe at the thought.

The only way Google’s algorithms can separate the legits from the posers is by checking the website’s authority.

Show You Deserve to Win

Search engine optimization involves a lot of elements. Yet another piece is the speed with which your website loads. In the land of car racing, we don’t need to remind you how much split seconds matter if you want to get ahead of the pack.

Your website has to load lightning-fast. Why? Because this isn’t 1996. If you want to compete in cyberspace, you’ve got to keep up.

The wheels of justice turn slowly as we all know. But the insomniac engineers at Google keep pushing forward every day, updating, endlessly making their search engine better, stronger, faster – smarter. If your site takes too many billionths of too many seconds to load, no fried pickles for you! Keep up or be shoved aside.

Dress to Impress

It’s not only Google’s algorithms you’re catering to when you speed up your website. It’s also your potential clients.
In this world of endless instantly gratifying video bites, your stuff must be up to snuff or people simply move along. Do you know where they go? To your competitors’ websites. You get three seconds.

Yes – you have three seconds or some fraction thereof not only for your page to load, but also to show your visitor you have exactly what they’re looking for.

This means your site engineering had better be strong and super fast, and your law firm website design in Indianapolis had better be good.

We’ve been at this for a long time, and we’ve helped grow the businesses of all of our clients by building quality, optimized websites designed to get you the results you want – a calendar full of desirable new clients.

Let our experts at RYK handle all of your Indianapolis law firm website design needs.

Or not. You can just continue doing what you’ve been doing of course. How’s that working out for you? If your practice is all you want it to be, well, would you really be reading this webpage?

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