Results-Based Website Design for Austin Law Firms

Rule Your Kingdom has designed professional and effective websites for attorneys in Austin since 2011.

Our vast team of web design and search engine optimization experts expands business and professional practices to the next level with top Google rankings and uniquely crafted, sophisticated, professional website architecture and content. Hire us today, and prepare for a steady stream of new people in your office, happy to shake your hand and sign your fee agreement.

Austinites looking for legal help will be thoroughly impressed with your professional, engaging, and intelligent attorney website design in Austin created by our multiple teams of experts here at Rule Your Kingdom.

Your Brand

Your website reflects you and your practice. People subconsciously attribute all of your website features and performance to you and how you conduct business. Low Google rankings position you as a mediocre lawyer.

If your site takes too long to load, people will think you’re not timely with your work. If font choices, color scheme, or images are even a bit off, viewers will question your professionalism and integrity, wondering if you know what you’re doing. If your website isn’t working at the exact hour someone wants to access it, even at 3 a.m. – a reasonable hour for those with huge life problems stealing their sleep – people will understand that you’re not available.

What they read on your webpages needs to convey your legal acumen and ability to win at whatever battle they’ve embroiled themselves in, or they move on to the next lawyer on Google’s list.

A Tough Crowd

These concerns are common to any lawyer website design, but in Austin they are particularly salient. Austin is a great city well known for its prevalence of tremendous art, massive tech presence, large collections of highly intelligent individuals, and well-cultivated scintillating preferences.

That makes Austinites extremely sophisticated website viewers – and critics. Just like canned bar-be-que sauce does not work with folks in a city boasting the likes of Micklethwait’s and Franklin’s, you cannot expect the usual canned website to work with them either. They will not be impressed.

Most Houston, Dallas, and Austin law firm website designers work with templates at every juncture – site architecture, copy, and even images. This is substandard for anyone wishing to stand out any place, but particularly in this town, with its world-class visual art and music scenes rendering it a hub of creative arts not just within the Lone Star state but for the entire nation and indeed, the world.

You need something exceptional to catch the critical eye of Austinites and be deemed worthy of their attention. And this needs to happen immediately or they’re off to the next link in the Google results – your direct competitor within your practice area.

The discerning prospective clients will likely analyze each and every feature of your lawyer website design in Austin, searching for clues of your competence and ability to win their case. Your competition is too stiff for slow page loads and mediocre design. Sophisticated Austinites will simply move along to something that satisfies their highbrow taste and is worthy of their attention and consideration in every single aspect of its attorney website design in Austin.

We engineer your website for attorneys in Austin to captivate even the most cynical visitors – and lure them to stay.

We’ve Got This

Particularly in Austin, home to so many techies, your law firm website design and digital marketing for Austin’s population simply must be up to snuff. It must reflect absolutely optimal features in every way. We excel here.

Our teams of experts for attorney digital marketing and website design in Austin cover each and every detail of your needs.

Your site starts with our competitive analysis team who analyzes your precise field and constructs parameters for your website: site architecture, number of pages and topics, and SEO keywords. They also perform our proprietary work needed to lay the foundation for your site to have a great Google search results ranking.

We have all of the bases covered to develop powerful and effective websites for attorneys in Austin.

A professional writer will then interface with you to gain a fully accurate picture of your brand, AOP, and desired clientele, then write it all up according to the technical specifications laid out by our tech team.

Our law firm web design and development team creates design and layout, then once approved, codes it in.

Server administrators ensure your site is always up and running with the seamless functionality you expect, even through the many updates of the various site features we incorporate. A non-functioning site or one with broken links or buggy forms means your online advertising isn’t doing its job, and we can’t have that.

We also have specialized teams for legal marketing, Google ads/pay per click, and social media advertising.

Google Ranking

Whether it’s true that the geeks shall inherit the earth or they already own it is a matter of debate. They definitely decide who gets ranked in their search results and by what criteria those rankings occur, in turn usurping control over who gets attention in the virtual world.

Of course, as one among the ranks, this translates directly to how often your phone or doorbell rings and ultimately, how much money you make.

What Google Likes

To appease the Google assessor so they’ll give us our desired ranking, we give them what they want. Google values originality, authority, and timeliness – not unreasonable for moving forward, actually. Websites exhibiting these qualities get ranked favorably, while others land on page 27 of the search results for websites for lawyers in Austin. Or thereabouts. The greater your Austin law firm website design exhibits these qualities, the larger the prize.


There are a lot of lawyers out there in various practice areas - from personal injury to divorce lawyers to business attorneys to healthcare lawyers. How many are there in Travis, Hays and Williamson counties alone and in your AOP? Any way you look at it, that is a heck of a lot of suits feeding from the same trough of desirable clientele. How many of those familiar faces in your local county courthouse have websites? Nearly all of them for sure. How many of those are truly exceptional websites? Far fewer, lucky for you.

The originality of an attorney website design in Austin matters a great deal to Google’s ranking algorithms.


Google has gotten to be so smart that it can actually recognize and assess how you talk about your topic. Their bots can actually read your content and ascertain whether you know what you’re talking about. Kudos to those developers! We’ve got a team of professional writers ready to write authoritative content for your website to attract precisely the kind of clientele you’re looking for. On top of that, we need to incorporate client testimonials and display them in an engaging and remarkable way to impress prospective clients.


Your page has got to load quickly. The quicker it loads, the greater the algorithmic reward. Apparently, Google doesn’t a) think it’s socially appropriate to make people wait (i.e., it’s rude); and/or b) want to support shoddy site engineering (i.e., it’s only not faster because it’s deficient in some way). Either way, we comply or we die. Google is counting the nanoseconds.

Exceptional Websites for Attorneys in Austin

Your website for lawyers in Austin designed by Rule Your Kingdom will have all of the aforementioned elements covered. Our team is solid, and we are at your service. We want to create for you the best law firm website design in Austin that achieves:

  • A very busy receptionist in your office and expansion potential
  • A steady stream of new clients
  • Cutting-edge SEO-design at all levels
  • Uniqueness
  • Professionalism
  • A positive virtual reflection of your practice
  • Security

At Rule Your Kingdom, we create custom, superior, and purpose-driven websites for lawyers in Austin.

Grab the attention of your target audience quickly. Cater your advertising to the needs of those in all of Austin’s three counties. Express a clear and engaging message to your potential clients that will gain their trust and confidence in you. Call us for a free consultation and a quote that is honest and transparent.

Let’s discuss your Austin law firm website design project and search engine optimization needs.