The Lowdown on SEO from SEO Specialists

SEO specialists are the kind when it comes to digital marketing. But what is SEO, really? And what makes it the king of the digital marketing realm?

For beginners–and even SEO specialists–to SEO, the terms organic traffic, paid traffic, direct traffic can be difficult but they don’t have to be.

What is Organic Traffic?

SEO specialists can improve the organic traffic of your website.

Organic traffic is the term used to describe visits to a website coming from a search engine’s organic results and not paid ads. According to SEO specialists, organic traffic is vital because it is targeted. Users visiting your website from a search engine’s organic results have a very specific intent and if you can give them a solution or answer to their question, they are more likely to change.

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The difference between organic search traffic to paid search traffic is organic traffic is free while paid search traffic is paid for. With paid traffic, you pay the search engine every time an individual clicks on your ad (Pay Per Click) from listings and visits your website.

Individuals typing a query in a search engine have a very specific reason and if you can direct them with a solution or answer to their question, you will possibly gain a new customer, email subscriber or follower.

In addition to the above information, organic traffic is important because it boosts website trust and this has a number of additional benefits.

Google Ads AdWords app icon on smartphone screen and laptop can make the SEO process easier.

Users trust Google and websites that rank in the top positions of Google organically are trusted by users. Meaning that it is more likely to convert an organic visitor than a visitor coming from Facebook or other platforms.

Best Ways to Increase Organic Search Traffic

The best way to increase organic traffic and get more visits from search engines is to follow tested white hat SEO practices.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the guise to follow to optimize your website so that it can gain a higher rank in the search engine result pages (SERPS).

There are more than 255 Google ranking factors but according to SEO specialists, the most important are:

1 – Publish information that users want to read

One of the factors of users using a search engine to look for information is that they have a very specific reason.

Your job is to satisfy their intent by giving them the right kind of information.

To do that you need to do your keyword research and find out which keywords to target with your content.

In order for a page to have any chances of ranking organically in search engines, it has to target a specific keyword or topic.

Pages targeting several keywords or no keywords at all, are lesser to receive any organic traffic.

2 – Include Relevant Keywords

The page title is one of the most critical SEO factors. The title is used by search engines to get an idea of what a page is all about and it is mostly shown in the search results.

The best page title includes search terms users can figure out and is interesting to make users click on it and visit your website.

Optimize your page titles.

3 – Get Links from Other Websites

Backlinks from other relevant websites (that don’t carry the no-follow attribute) act as ‘votes of trust’ and this the organic rankings of a website much better.

In the SEO world, SEO specialists know this as off-page SEO.

4 – Create easy to use websites

Website usability is both a direct and an indirect SEO factor. You need to develop websites that load fast, are mobile-friendly and free of technical SEO errors.

Failure to do so will minimize your chances of getting organic traffic from any search engines.