SEO Company: 4 Tips for Clinics

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To secure success for your clinic’s website, search engine optimization is a crucial step. Compared to 20 years ago, the way patients find healthcare providers has completely changed. Nowadays, the search all starts online. In fact, eight out of ten patients do an online search for local clinics before calling and making an appointment. Thus, healthcare facilities should work with an SEO company to help with their online standing.

Your clinic’s online presence will determine the success of your practice. And you’re missing out if you don’t take the necessary steps to make sure that your website is seen by potential patients online. SEO is critical in getting people to visit your site and into your clinic.

Reach Your Target Patients with Effective Medical Website Design

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In today’s post, we’ll list down helpful search engine optimization tips to implement the best practices on your clinic’s website.

Utilize Video Marketing

A YouTube channel for your clinic is a fantastic way to enhance the content of your site. This method can also add appeal and value to your user experience. As a healthcare provider, the useful information you can provide to potential and current patients is nearly limitless. With an online video channel. Not only will you provide helpful information, but your videos will also be cataloged on YouTube, which can help your online rankings. YouTube is a great way to bring traffic to your website.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Always monitor social media channels and forums specific to the healthcare field. If you see a discussion that is popular and is continually being brought up, make sure to integrate these topics in your website’s blog and main content. This idea is also a great way to conduct keyword research.

Be sure to monitor social media platforms and forums specific to the medical field. If you see a topic of discussion that continually seems to be trending, incorporate this conversation topic in your site’s content and blog. This is an excellent way to do keyword research.

Keeping up to date with these conversational trends on the web will undoubtedly boost your site’s online presence in multiple ways. Talking about a popular topic or answering a trending question will improve your ranking for that particular key phrase.

Additionally, by offering an answer to a question everyone is asking on social platforms, you’re working towards gaining authority in that field. If you’ve hired an SEO company, they may even monitor these trends for you. However, as an owner of a health practice, you should keep an ear out for these conversations as you’ll be more familiar with them than anyone else. Harnessing the power of social media can help you increase your online presence and establish you as a thought leader in the field. 

Don’t Use Huge Images

Uploading big and high-resolution pictures onto your website may drastically slow down your website’s loading speed; and in turn, hurt your SEO efforts. A slow-loading site negatively affects user experience; users don’t like it when they have to wait forever for a website to load. A reputable SEO company will know better than to use big and high-resolution images. 

Make sure that the pictures throughout your site are mobile-friendly (compatible to view in various devices), have the right aspect ratio, have good quality, and have good resolution. A tool called Pingdom will help check all the images on your website to see if any of them are slowing down your loading speed.

Pay Attention to Your Meta Description

It’s a common belief among SEO companies in the digital marketing field not to factor meta descriptions into their SEO efforts. They think that Google doesn’t take meta descriptions into account, so they just throw in some language in the meta description field of their webpage and move on. This is a poor judgment; avoid this mistake for your clinic’s site.

Meta descriptions are essential. It’s the field where you can include a strong call-to-action prompt, enticing readers to click on your site using powerful, persuasive language. Take this excellent opportunity to come up with a creative and original meta description and watch the clicks and site visits roll in.

Final Thoughts

SEO is not just for e-commerce websites (sites that involve buying or selling products online.) SEO can help you attract potential patients searching for local clinics online. They turn to the internet in droves to choose which local clinic to visit. Utilize this opportunity by working with a trusted SEO company. Contact us to know how you can get started.