Search Engine Optimization for Your Dental Practice

You need to keep up with the latest search engine optimization strategies to help your dental practice grow.

Nowadays, people prefer to use the internet to find whatever it is they need. A huge majority of people start their search for a dental clinic on the internet. Thus, the online presence of your dental practice is essential. That’s when an experienced local search engine optimization agency can help you.

You’re definitely missing out if you overlook the value of your clinic’s online presence. Over 1,700 individuals were surveyed across the United States revealed that one out of five of them use the internet to find healthcare professionals.

Reach Your Target Patients with Effective Medical Website Design

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80% Start their Healthcare Provider Search Online

That’s 80 percent of respondents looking up healthcare service-related queries before they call or visit a clinic. Also, the same study revealed that 63 percent would pick a healthcare provider with a strong online presence. That online presence includes publishing relevant, accurate, and compelling information on their website, social media, and other online profiles.

In today’s post, we’ll share some essential search engine optimization tips to strengthen your dental clinic’s online presence.

If you need more information on a custom search engine optimization strategy to help your practice, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Search Engine Optimization for Your Dental Website

Think of your website as the home of your business on the world wide web. A professional search engine optimization company will primarily work on creating a sound SEO strategy for your dental website. The process will typically include:

  • Comprehensive keyword research.
  • Writing original and relevant web copy.
  • Building a mobile-responsive and user-friendly website.

Your SEO professional will discuss your goals, preferences, and needs to develop a strategy that will work for your dental practice.

A Bigger Online Mark

Consumers don’t use the Yellow Pages anymore to search for a dentist. The internet has taken over. If your dental practice doesn’t have an online presence, you have a smaller reach on potential patients. Aside from having a good website, a vital part of a search engine optimization strategy for your dental clinic is targeting online directories to list your practice.

Leave a bigger online mark for your dental practice with the help of search engine optimization.

However, that’s only half the battle.

The number of your online local citations, the accuracy of the information about you, and the reputation of these online platforms will affect your search engine rankings.

An excellent place to start is to register your dental practice on Google My Business. It’s a free service from Google and is a reasonably straightforward process to follow.

Patient Reviews

Consumers prefer to read customer reviews before giving their business to service providers, including dental health practitioners. Make sure that you are encouraging your patients to leave a review for you on your Google My Business page.

One effective way of gathering patient reviews is to give out a post-service satisfaction survey. Many healthcare providers overlook the importance of asking for post-visit feedback.

Original and high-quality customer reviews are a good component of a search engine optimization plan. They are essential to improving your dental website’s online presence.

Be Social on Social Media

Search engine optimization for dentists is essential in marketing and advertising your clinic online.

Social media is here to stay – and professional search engine optimization companies know how to utilize it for dental clinics.

The influence of social media on SEO is substantial.

Since a vast majority of the population uses some form of social media, one effective way of utilizing it is by promoting your business on your social accounts for people to see.

Social media marketing is another essential aspect of an SEO plan. Starting an active social media presence plays a role in maximizing your reach for potential and local patients.


Blogging is a way to consistently provide relevant information to your patients, which will consequently improve your SEO quality. Thus, it’s essential to include it in your SEO strategy.

When you provide relevant information, it will position your practice as a reputable online resource that will encourage more users to visit your website.

Here are some dental blogging best practices to help you get started.

  • Writing about the services you offer.
  • Writing for your local patients.
  • Answering common questions from your patients.
  • Writing about dental-related local events.

Search Engine Optimization Will Help Your Dental Practice Grow

A good dental SEO strategy will make it easy for patients to find you, trust you, and give their business to you. All these will put your dental clinic on the map.