PPC for Lawyers: What You Need to Know

Online ads for attorneys can offer favorable marketing results.

When it comes to legal marketing, pay-per-click advertising campaigns or PPC for lawyers is a vital component worth looking into.

PPC advertising for lawyers refers to online ads displayed on search engines. As the term implies, PPC means only paying the search engine host every time a user interacts with or clicks your online advertisement. No clicks, no charge.

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Internet ads are hosted by search engines like Google.

Many different search engines offer pay-per-click advertising for lawyers.

However, Google PPC for lawyers remains to be the most popular platform for conducting this type of advertising. Since 93% of all internet searches happen on Google, it is undoubtedly the most popular search engine today. 

In today’s post, we’ll take a closer look at PPC for lawyers ad campaigns. We’ll also share some valuable tips to help you figure out if this form of advertising can meet your firm’s business goals.

Potential Clients Are Looking for Lawyers Online

Today’s modern consumers always start their search for products and services online. When it comes to legal services, there’s no difference.

Your prospective clients use online search engines, check lawyer websites, look at attorneys’ social media profiles, and read through legal client review sites when they need legal services.

As such, it would only make sense to put up advertisements in places where your prospects would be. And in this instance, it’s online.

It’s like your prospective clients knocking on your door. Without PPC for lawyers, you’re not there to answer the knock at the door.

Except, the internet is not always an empty house. Someone else will answer the door. In this instance, it’s your competitors who have their own PPC campaigns.

Obviously, they will gladly accept your prospective clients.

With many consumers turning to internet sources when searching for law firms and legal services, initiating PPC for lawyers can be a profitable way to reach your potential clients and generate new business for your firm.

In a nutshell, PPC for lawyers allows you to make a highly targeted client acquisition approach to really hone in on your ideal audience.

This means you can set certain specific parameters to show your online ads to users looking for your particular legal services in real-time.

When it comes to PPC for lawyers, it’s essential to remember that a considerable amount of time, analysis, and testing is required to attain a high return on investment.

However, being an attorney and operating your own law firm is already demanding enough. Running for PPC for lawyers campaign is something you may not have time to conduct.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry. Various digital marketing firms offer PPC ad campaign packages as part of their online advertising services for law firms. On top of that, there are plenty of educational resources you access to set up PPC for lawyers.

You don’t have to be on your own if you want to initiate PPC for lawyers. Getting into this form of digital advertising may seem daunting at first. However, with a professional PPC for lawyers specialists’ guidance, the learning phase should be easy.

PPC for law firms must be done by certified professionals.

If you go in on this with an incompetent or inexperienced ad agency, it’s easy for lawyers to waste their advertising budget through inadequate PPC advertising campaigns.

Nevertheless, this type of search engine advertising is worth looking into.

And there’s no better time to begin PPC for lawyers than now. Before you do, here are some vital things to keep in mind.

Start Small but Put In the Work

Because of the market’s competitiveness, there’s always going to be a sense of urgency when it comes to implementing PPC for lawyers.

As such, many legal professionals and novice PPC specialists approach it with a fired-up and enthusiastic attitude, consequently using far too much of their advertising budget.

If you are in a highly competitive legal specialty and are located in major cities, it is understandable to be zealous and keen about your online advertising approach.

However, for the majority of legal specialties, it’s ideal to start off small but really put in the work.

The beauty of PPC for lawyers is you can set your own advertising budget – no matter how small or big it is – and adjust it according to the results you’re seeing.

You can put a dollar, five, or ten to work and monitor the ROI before spending more of your PPC ad budget.

A law firm PPC specialist will always sample a focused local market first and analyze the trends and results before penetrating your firm’s primary target market.

Google PPC experts will gradually work outwards. They will look at how many impressions are achieved and for what advertising rate.

For instance, when they know that $1,000 nets 20% of the impression in your target local market, this equation is streamlined. The question becomes, “how much of the targeted local market can you capture?”

Ensure Thorough Monitoring, Tracking, and Reporting

When you already have a PPC ad campaign in place, you must ensure in-depth and meticulous tracking and reporting of the results.

This is where the importance of data-mindedness comes in.

Data monitoring and tracking is essential in PPC for lawyers campaigns.

An often-overlooked aspect of PPC for lawyers is the monitoring and reporting of ad campaigns.

Simply put, if you don’t have an understanding of your campaign, you can’t determine the ROI.

Generally, the commonly unnoticed components of PPC advertising are calling tracking numbers and landing pages.

With the latter, there are many instances where landing pages are not correctly set up, so you cannot know the source of traffic and, consequently, the ROI. The same issue comes up for calls into the law firm.

If the phone number in the search engine ads you put out is the same as your regular law firm line, you can’t distinguish between calls coming from the PPC ad campaign and regular calls.

With these two vital components overlooked, PPC ad campaign tracking and reporting become indistinguishable and clouded.

Why Is PPC Important for Lawyers?

With a highly targeted approach and comprehensive budget control, pay-per-click ads are a popular online advertising approach for any business. However, it can be particularly profitable for those in the legal industry.

Pay-per-click is an valuable digital marketing component.

That’s because most prospective legal clients search for legal information and services online before they make an appointment, and the search is quite urgent a lot of the time.

For instance, someone searching for a “personal injury attorney in Waco” has a clear intent of employing the service of that specific legal professional from that particular area.

If you are a personal injury attorney in Waco and run PPC for lawyers for that specific search term, you have an increased chance of appearing for that keyword – above the regular search results.

A well-executed PPC campaign for lawyers, combined with professional website design for law firms, SEO for attorneys, and digital marketing, can generate favorable results for any legal practice.