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Reputation Management

Check How Your Business Appears Online

Today, a company’s online reputation can literally make the difference between success and failure. Most consumers rely heavily on what they find online about companies with whom they are considering doing business. That’s where online reputation management comes in.

Anyone can post whatever they like about any business on the Internet, and in most cases this information stays “out there” forever.

“A Valuable Public Service”

In recent years, a popular online money-making scheme has surfaced in which con artists create websites for the sole purpose of attracting emotionally-charged, negative comments about businesses and individuals.

These “scam and complaint” websites claim to be do-gooders providing a valuable public service.

In fact, these fraudulent sites are extremely profitable money-making machines that generate tremendous revenue from paid advertisements sprinkled liberally on every page of their site. Some even charge a fee to have negative content removed (or partially removed).

Siphoning Traffic

They siphon massive amounts of search engine traffic based on the principle that most people will gravitate toward reading and believing negative comments over positive or even neutral comments.

These sites are purposely engineered to literally steal from other high-traffic websites by luring people into clicking on their negative titles.

A High-Powered Solution for Waco Businesses

We have the expertise to combat these negative websites by driving them far down in the Internet search results, so that they are not seen by your customers and potential customers. Let us provide you with a free consultation to analyze your unique situation and customize the appropriate online reputation management solution for your needs.

What’s Included:

Eliminating bad reviews where possible
Suppressing negative content in search results
Monitoring your presence on the Internet
Defending your online reputation against negative content
Micro-site creation
Article submission
Social media creation and reputation management