Increase New Patient Acquisition with Dental SEO Strategies

Acquiring new dental patients easily is possible with SEO for dentists.

New patient acquisition is integral to the success and growth of dental practices. With tremendous competition, how can your dental clinic acquire new patients?

This is where effective dental SEO strategies and digital marketing techniques come in.

Reach Your Target Patients with Strategic SEO for Dental Practices

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When you first opened your dental practice, you probably hoped for a steady stream of dental patients to materialize and for you to serve.

Now that you’ve been running your dental practice for some time, perhaps you find patient acquisition to be a challenge.

Dr. John Hibbitts, MD FAAOS | Orthopedic Surgeon | Sunnyvale Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Center

Dental patients use the internet to look for dental clinics. Because of this, dental professionals need to leverage internet-based marketing approaches and data-driven techniques to attract new dental patients and keep current ones happy and satisfied.

A solid new dental patient acquisition plan and dental SEO strategies can help you dominate the competition and attract more new dental patients to your practice.

In today’s post, let’s look at some effective dental patient acquisition methods, dental SEO strategies, and how your dental clinic can benefit from them.

New Patient Acquisition for Dentists

Simply put, this is the process of finding and attracting new dental patients to your practice. The new dental patient acquisition process can refer to both traditional and internet-based dental marketing techniques used to gain new patients for dental professionals.

Marketing your dental practice is online is best left to dental marketing experts.

While traditional dental marketing and advertising methods are still effective, many dental practices leverage internet marketing for dentists.

This is because a substantial number of consumers and prospects use the internet to look for dental service providers and professionals near them.

If your prospective dental patients can’t find you online, you’re losing valuable opportunities to boost your new patient acquisition volume.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, dental clinics incorporate internet marketing approaches such as social media marketing for dentists, dental SEO strategies, search engine advertising, and other digital marketing tactics into their overall dental marketing plan.

Patient Acquisition Strategies for Dentists

Invest in Digital Marketing and Dental SEO Strategies

Most of your potential dental patients begin their search for dental practices online.

For this essential consumer trend, investing in digital marketing and search engine optimization for dentists is a necessity for dental practices looking to increase their new patient acquisition.

By starting and implementing internet marketing and dental SEO strategies, you can ensure that your potential dental patients quickly and easily discover your clinic online.

Local SEO for doctors focuses on local search.

With dental SEO, for instance, you’re well on your way to optimizing your dental clinic website and improving your search engine rankings.

As you know, higher Google rankings means more opportunities to be visible to patients looking for your dental services online.

Of course, you can increase your online visibility through paid online advertisements. However, dental SEO strategies have a wealth of benefits, including being cost-efficient and building stronger and more meaningful relationships with online communities and potential dental patients.

Moreover, since patients will look for dental clinics near their location, dentists will benefit from local SEO for dental practices.

For instance, someone in Orlando who is looking for a dentist will likely search for “dentists in Orlando, Florida” in Google.

Local SEO for dental practices allows you to optimize your Google Business page to be shown in the local pack. This refers to the collection of local dental clinics that are featured at the top of Google Maps searches. You’re easily more visible to potential dental patients if your dental clinic shows up in the local pack.

Establishing strong social media marketing efforts – combined with dental SEO strategies – will also strengthen your online reputation. Healthcare businesses that can leverage social media can improve patient engagement and connection, positively impacting new patient acquisition.

The Importance of Online Patient Reviews for Dental Practices

Online reviews can influence prospective patients’ views about your dental practice. Furthermore, patient reviews can affect their decision to hire you as their dentist.

The majority of consumers put high importance on online reviews just as much as referrals and personal recommendations. About 75 percent are inclined to trust local businesses with positive reviews.

Local SEO consultants recommend gathering customer reviews for your business.

Online reviews are an essential component in new dental patient acquisition. However, they can also cause you to lose out on potential patients.

When it comes to dental SEO strategies, online reviews can impact your dental practice’s local search ranking. Since Google look at the relevance, prominence, and distance as essential factors for local ranking, the search engine giant checks your online reputation – including patient reviews – as an authority indicator to measure your dental practice’s level of prominence.

Google will evaluate the score and review count of dental practices and factor that data into the overall local search ranking.

More positive ratings and reviews for your dental practice equate to improved local search rankings.

As a business service provider, it’s normal to get negative reviews. However, don’t let that deter you. One of the most crucial aspects of dental SEO strategies is managing your online reputation and leading consumers to form a good viewpoint about your dental practice. This includes responding to and addressing negative reviews.

Keep Consistent Dental Branding

With various avenues and ways to showcase your dental practice, it can be easy for your messaging and branding to become inconsistent and unclear across different platforms.

One of the important parts of dental SEO strategies is keeping branding consistent.

Keeping your branding consistent and uniform across all mediums – both print and online – will develop instant recognition and increase consumer trust.

If referring patients and practices can set you apart from other dental clinics, they are more likely to trust and connect with you for their dental care and treatment needs.

Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle implementing proper dental SEO strategies and branding alone.

There are experts for dental marketing and SEO for dentists out there who have the experience and knowledge. Marketing your clinic is best left to dental clinic marketing professionals who are capable to meet and exceed your dental marketing needs.

Patient Acquisition: Engage and Connect

Patient satisfaction should be the core of digital marketing for medical and dental practices.

The key to patient satisfaction and patient acquisition is building meaningful relationships.

Some of the best acquisition and retention tactics include dental SEO strategies, managing your dental practice’s online reputation, and engaging and connecting with your patients.

To effectively boost patient acquisition for dentists, improve your ROI, and ensure patient satisfaction, work with an experienced dental marketing agency.