How to Spot a Law Firm SEO Expert

A law firm SEO expert can help you firm succeed online.

You will find a myriad of guides and resources online about search engine optimization for attorneys, but what about how to spot a genuine law firm SEO expert? 

Plenty of resources online make it seem like anyone can do SEO for law firms. However, an SEO expert can bring in the right results for your law practice and help you get the highest return on investment.

Reach Your Target Clients with Strategic SEO for Attorneys

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Knowing how to recognize an experienced SEO expert for lawyers is vital. In today’s digital age, solo practitioners and law practices are cognizant of the significance of maintaining extensive online visibility to attract new patients. Achieving this feat requires working with an SEO expert for law firms.

Pick the Best Law Firm SEO Expert

There are a lot of specialists and marketers out there wanting to get your attention. Unfortunately, when it comes down to it, they’re all talk and no action.

In today’s post, we’ll share some valuable information on how to spot a genuine professional and filter out those who aren’t worth your time.

What Is a Law Firm SEO Expert?

An SEO expert is a digital marketing professional experienced in optimizing websites to make them rank higher in search engine result pages.

SEO is necessary to find new customers for your business.

SEO professionals know how search engine algorithms work and what tactics to deploy to achieve top spots in search results for relevant search phrases.

They utilize SEO best practices and proven digital marketing and optimization techniques and will have results to back it up.

Legal SEO strategists analyze, interpret, monitor, and use data to ensure that your target clients can easily find your firm online when they search for your legal services.

When you work with an SEO expert for your law firm, they should be able to lay out a clear and concise SEO strategy to boost the ranking of your law firm website and reach the right searchers.

More importantly, any optimization campaign and law firm SEO strategy an expert recommends will be a successful one. An SEO expert can develop and implement a campaign for your law firm that is tailor-made and fits your budget to get the maximum returns on your investment.

It’s because they have the industry knowledge, tools, resources, testing, and experience they can leverage.

Signs You Need an SEO Expert for Your Law Firm

There’s no perfect time to hire an SEO agency. While any law firm with a website can benefit from working with a law firm SEO consultant, it’s best to hire one before or soon after your attorney website goes live. This will allow you to establish and strengthen your firm’s online reputation as you build your client base.

Here are the signs you need to hire an attorney SEO expert.

You’re Not an SEO Expert

An SEO expert for law firms has mastered the techniques needed to succeed in SEO.

You don’t hesitate to hire an accountant for your firm’s bookkeeping, or a commercial plumber to fix plumbing issues in your office. These are professionals who spent years mastering their craft. They can do the job and they can do it better than you.

Law firm digital marketing and search engine optimization are no different.

Professional marketers and SEO specialists spent years learning the techniques and skills needed for the job. Those who didn’t will struggle and get lesser results that can even damage your firm’s online reputation.

Potential Clients Can’t Find Your Website

Your potential clients are on their mobile devices looking for your legal services.

Your website is already up and running. You’re even writing blogs and posting on social media. You saw some SEO advice online and decided to implement it.

However, no potential new clients are visiting your website and calling to schedule an appointment. Why?

It could be two reasons.

First, your prospective clients and leads are online looking for your services. Second, your website doesn’t show up in online search results at all for potential clients to see.

This means you need a law firm SEO expert.

You Don’t Know What Link Building Is

An SEO expert can build an effective link building strategy for your business.

Link building is a vital component of search engine optimization. It drives organic traffic to your website through search engines. Since legal is a highly competitive industry, link building for law firm websites is crucial.

It’s a process that requires skills, time, and resources. As a legal professional, you’re not expected to know the ins and outs of the link building process.

However, you must know the importance of it in helping your firm thrive online.

Experienced SEO specialists will know how to craft and implement a link building strategy for lawyers.

You Don’t Know What SEO Techniques to Avoid

Black hat SEO techniques are optimization tactics that go against search engine guidelines and best practices. They involve processes that intentionally manipulate the algorithms to make a website rank higher.

Your potential clients need to see your site online.

If you’re doing SEO yourself and not working with a law firm SEO expert, you may not even know that you’re using disapproved SEO techniques.

While some black hat SEO strategies may seem harmless, none of these methods can help your firm thrive online in the long run.

Using black hat SEO techniques is never a good idea for legitimate businesses such as law firms.

Not only will they not provide long-term results, but they can also negatively impact your online reputation and your business.

Reputable SEO agencies always comply with the most updated search engine guidelines.

Key Takeaway

The abundance of information about digital marketing, search engine optimization, and marketing law firms online make it seem like anyone can do it. However, to be a true law firm SEO expert, one must devote time and have the right skills and resources to master SEO.

Bringing in an SEO expert for law firms is like hiring any other professional service provider. You must do it because they can do the job to get the right results for your business.