A Guide to SEM Services for Lawyers and Law Firms

Investing in SEM services for lawyers and law firms can drive targeted traffic to your website.

If you’re running a small law firm, solo practice, or part of a more prominent legal organization, the need to have a solid online presence is imperative. Employing search engine marketing strategies, or SEM services for lawyers and law firms, is one way to ensure this happens.

In today’s post, we’ll talk about the importance of SEM services for lawyers and law firms and the benefits they offer.

Internet Advertising Targets and Delivers Marketing Messages to the Right Consumers.

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What Is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing is essential for law firms of all sizes – but what is SEM, and how can you leverage it for your legal SEO marketing strategy?

This type of online marketing refers to utilizing a set of techniques, strategies, and tools to increase the online presence of your business. Using SEM services for lawyers aims to generate new, highly qualified leads, promote your legal services, establish brand awareness, and divert online traffic to your attorney website, not your competitors. Although search engine marketing traditionally involved search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, SEM techniques have come to refer to paid strategies more exclusively, such as pay-per-click advertising.

Leverage social media marketing marketing for attorneys to reach new potential clients.

However, in a general sense, search engine marketing for law firms is a broader marketing concept that includes both attorney SEO strategies and SEM services for lawyers. It aims to manage a brand’s total online presence in Google and other search engines.  

To get the benefits of search engine marketing, utilizing both attorney SEO strategies and SEM services for lawyers is fundamental.

SEM for law firms is becoming more and more popular in digital marketing for law firms. In order to understand the importance of SEM services for lawyers and law firms, let’s discuss the benefits it offers to law firms online.

The Benefits of SEM for Attorneys

SEM services for lawyers and law offices offer numerous benefits. For example, by increasing and solidifying the online presence of your law practice, you’re also enhancing your online reach, visibility, and awareness.

This, in turn, will drive leads to your firm that will turn into potential new clients (which obviously improves your bottom line). Similarly, you can position your firm as a credible authority in your legal practice area by providing valuable content to your site visitors and target audience that they might not be able to find somewhere else online.

Law Firm SEO or PPC for Lawyers?

If you’re running a law firm and considering venturing into internet marketing, you may be wondering which is better to invest in: law firm SEO or PPC for attorneys.

Both SEO and PPC strategies can be used simultaneously.

Employing SEM services for lawyers and law firms isn’t necessarily a matter of which strategy is better. It’s more about which internet marketing tactic is more applicable to your business’s current circumstances and budget.

You’ll likely come to know that both organic SEO strategies and pay-per-click advertising for law firms and attorneys are worth investing in and leveraging simultaneously.

This is where the guidance and expertise of a reliable attorney search engine marketing company come in handy. When you partner with trusted internet marketing and SEO experts, you can help your law firm leverage both SEO and PPC more than if you only used one strategy and disregarded your other options.

Organic search engine optimization techniques are great to employ for long-term growth. On the other hand, PPC advertising for lawyers is ideal for those who want to generate results quickly.

Most business owners tend to start internet marketing with search engine optimization strategies. Organic SEO campaigns are often more cost-effective to develop and implement than other internet marketing strategies. Legal marketers have reported that they get higher ROI from employing SEO services for law firms. In recent years, organic search engine results generated more than half of overall website traffic.

More and more legal marketers are turning their efforts toward SEO. This means that many of your firm’s competitors in your legal practice area could be taking advantage of SEM services for lawyers, both SEO and PPC.

High-Quality PPC Ads for Lawyers and Law Firms

What makes a good PPC ad for lawyers?

There’s an overwhelming amount of information available out there when it comes to running PPC ads for attorneys. Any PPC manager would attest that this undertaking requires time, resources, and expertise.

We’ve prepared some tips below to help shed light on what makes compelling, targeted, and engaging pay-per-click ads for lawyers and law firms.

Comprehensive Research

Conducting research  and gathering data are the foundation of any SEO and PPC campaigns.

An effective PPC strategy for attorneys starts with research. Before embarking on your law firm PPC advertising journey, begin by answering the following questions.

  • Who are your target clients?
  • What would they search for online when looking for your legal services?
  • What expectations do your target clients expect from your legal services?
  • Who are your competitors?

Having answers to these basic questions can help steer your attorney ad campaign in the right direction – from creating effective landing pages to making the right targeted decisions. Also, your PPC account manager can utilize these necessary details and use them to the advantage of your law firm’s PPC campaign.

PPC Ad Content

Engaging and memorable content is vital to having a successful PPC ad campaign. Before developing compelling copy for your PPC campaign, make sure you have a clear vision of what you really want to say to your target clients.

Several factors are involved in creating compelling PPC campaigns.

Messaging is so often overlooked in SEM services for lawyers. Most ad copy is too focused on offers, promotions, and salesy language, rather than brand positioning or thoughtful messaging.

Your PPC ad messaging should be founded in your brand position, also referred to as “brand purpose” or “brand values.”

There are various ways to communicate brand positioning. However, it comes down to the answer to this important question: What do you stand for to your target clients?

Your brand messaging should be clear to you before employing PPC and SEM services for your law office. A well-thought-out PPC content plan can have a substantial positive impact on conversions.

PPC Campaign Objectives

An experienced PPC account manager can help you set realistic goals and objectives for your law firm PPC advertising campaign.

Strategizing for your attorney PPC campaigns also requires identifying your firm’s unique business goals and how they relate to PPC and SEM services for lawyers.

Your attorney website design should meet your target business goals.

Whether you’re looking to get more leads or introducing a new legal service, here are some common PPC objectives:

  • Generating more website traffic – newly established law offices are often looking to create brand awareness to get their firm in front of the public. One great part about PPC for this objective is that every part of the campaign is measurable. Your PPC manager can set key performance indicators and gauge the number of clicks you generate.
  • Attract leads – driving high-quality leads is a major benefit of SEM services for lawyers. The key is to identify the users that land on your website through a search engine ad, move them into the marketing funnel, and employ a carefully planned conversion strategy.
  • Establish brand awareness – search engine ads are a great way to showcase your brand on relevant search results. This helps embed your brand into the minds of your target audiences and potential clients.

Key Takeaway: SEM Services for Lawyers and Law Offices

Investing in SEM services for lawyers and law firms ensures your target clients and audiences see the content you put out in relevant search query results.

While employing SEO strategies for attorneys is a long-term undertaking that evolves as your website and online presence improve over time, SEM services for lawyers and law firms ensure that high-quality traffic is generated to your law firm website and that it’s visible to your target clients from day one.