A Simple Guide to Local SEO for Healthcare Practices

Local SEO for healthcare practices can put you in front of your target patients right when they're looking for your services.

When done right, local SEO for healthcare practices can reach and engage prospective patients in your area.

If your medical practice website is not optimized for local search, you’ll find increasing your new patient acquisition more challenging. Thus, when prospective new patients go online and look for information about your healthcare services and offerings, you need to make sure your medical practice website is visible to them.

Reach Your Target Patients with Strategic SEO for Doctors and Medical Practices

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What Is Local SEO for Healthcare Practices?

Local search engine optimization for doctors and medical specialists helps your website secure a high ranking in search results for a location or geo-specific search queries.

Your prospective patients also search for “doctors near me” or your medical specialization plus “near me.” These “near me” searchers have grown more and more over the past several years.

Google and other search engines will use the searchers’ IP address or geolocation to provide relevant local businesses and service providers near their locations.

Proper local SEO management for doctors can help skyrocket your revenue.

Local SEO for healthcare practices and doctors is instrumental in helping your local medical practice achieve stellar online visibility and reach nearby prospective patients.

Local SEO for medical specialists and doctors can help your site be included in the Google Maps Pack when implemented and maintained properly.

It’s the relevant location-based results of businesses and services you search for.

Google can identify your geolocation and IP address, so it displays businesses close to your location. The Google Maps Pack is located above the Google search results page.

For healthcare SEO, this is a win-win scenario for the patients (looking for nearby healthcare practices) and medical professionals (who want to connect with patients close to their clinic’s location).

Local SEO for Healthcare Practices: Connecting You to Patients in Your Area

Healthcare local SEO refers to implementing online optimization strategies that improve the ranking of your medical practice website based on information about your location and services.

For example, you’re an orthopedic surgeon practicing in Orlando, Florida. You want to make sure that your medical practice website and information are one of the first resources a searcher will see when they type “orthopedic surgeons in Orlando, FL” into Google or other search engines.

What Happens When Your Target Patient Looks Online for Your Healthcare Services?

Most patients who call and make an appointment at your healthcare clinic have found you through an online Google search.

Consumers use the internet to look for local businesses.

If you’re not getting enough new patients, it’s because you don’t have a robust online presence. Unfortunately, without local SEO for healthcare practices, you’re equivalent to non-existent to your target market. This will impact your healthcare business negatively.

Today’s modern patients will always go online to do research before contacting a healthcare provider for questions or scheduling an appointment. Some of the searches they will do will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Searches specific to their condition or symptoms, such as neck pain, toothache, recurring headaches, etc.
  • Searches specific to the treatment or procedure they need, such as joint replacement, endoscopy, heat and cold therapy, etc.
  • Searches specific to a doctor or medical practice someone else may have recommended to them.
  • Searches specific to medical specialists near them, such as cosmetic dermatologists, hand surgeons, cardiothoracic surgeons, etc.
  • Searches for practices specific to a medical or surgical specialty such as dermatology, orthopedic, etc.

Naturally, we can’t know exactly what patients are searching for online. On top of that, their search histories, specific locations, and other indicators may also affect the results they get online.

With local SEO strategies for healthcare practices, you get more online traffic and business from patients looking for your services that are already close to your healthcare business location.

While it may be challenging to implement and maintain local SEO for healthcare practices, it’s a fantastic way to improve your site’s search engine visibility. The key is to work with a professional, reliable, and experienced local SEO agency for doctors and healthcare professionals.

If you’re ready to learn more about local SEO for healthcare practices, today’s post is for you.

6 Benefits of Local SEO for Healthcare Practices

In today’s internet-driven world, the medical industry must embrace local SEO for healthcare practices to get the attention of prospective patients.

Local SEO for doctors and healthcare practices connects you to your target patients.

To stay ahead of your competitors and improve your patient acquisition strategies, your healthcare practice needs to implement local SEO. 

Having a pretty website, a social media business page, or rely on word-of-mouth referrals is not enough.

Here are the six benefits of investing in local SEO for healthcare practices:

  • Local SEO for medical specialists can help you reach more of your target patients.
  • Site visitors who found your healthcare clinic website through an organic search are more inclined to convert to new patients for your practice.
  • Local SEO for healthcare practices boosts your authority and credibility as a respectable leader in your field.
  • Local search engine optimization can boost your healthcare business profits when done right.
  • You can stay ahead of your competitors.
  • You can effectively manage your online reputation.

Effective Local SEO Strategies for Doctors and Healthcare Practices

Optimized Medical Practice Website

Implement a local SEO campaign for your healthcare practice to boost your visibility.

Having a visually appealing website for doctors is not enough.

With local SEO for healthcare practices, you can transform your website into a powerful healthcare marketing tool and lead-generation platform.

A professional medical website design and SEO agency will know the best practices and techniques to optimize your websites for medical specialists and doctors properly.

The key is to maintain consistency and uniformity throughout your website. This includes a streamlined navigation process, harmonized visual elements, and accurate content.

Verified Online Listings

Google Business and Yelp are today’s equivalents of the Yellow Pages. The first step to taking control and properly optimizing your online presence is to claim and verify all your online business listings. If you don’t have a business profile yet for important listing sites, you must create one to improve your medical SEO strategies.

This step of local SEO for healthcare practices may be time-consuming. However, it’s a fundamental component of your medical practice’s digital marketing campaign.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Keywords are essential to an effective local SEO campaign.

Keywords are vital to an effective local SEO strategy for doctors and healthcare practices.

Keywords are the instruments you use to tell Google and other search engines what your website and every web page are about.

When Google understands your web pages well, it’ll know if it’s relevant to return for a particular search query.

For example, you’re a sports physical therapist with a clinic in Dallas, Texas.

Your website content and optimization items must align with what your services are about and where your practice is located.

This way, you improve your chances of being seen by someone searching online for “sports physical therapy clinics in Dallas.” Google and other search engines will know that your website is a good result for that specific search query.

Eric Steinke, PT, DPT, CSOMT | Founder and CEO, Precision Sports Physical Therapy

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that aside from keywords, search engine algorithms use many indicators to determine if a particular webpage is applicable to a query. Still, keywords are the foundation of a good strategy for local SEO for healthcare practices.