Grow Your Firm with An Attorney Website Design Company

There are many benefits to hiring an attorney website design company.

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a more prominent firm with multiple locations, partnering with a professional company specializing in website design for law firms can make your organization stand out.

Reach Your Target Clients with Effective Law Firm Website Design

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Having a well-designed and developed attorney website can lead straight to an increase in client engagement and conversions.

In today’s day and age, people look for products and services they need online. These searches include legal help, services, and information.

Are you losing cases to your competitors? An attorney website design company can help.

Stay ahead of the competition when you partner with a law firm website design company.

Modernizing your law firm starts with having a well-engineered attorney website.

If you are just starting up your firm or you have an established local practice already, a sleek and professional attorney website can take your firm to the next level.

Say Goodbye to Outdated Attorney Website Design

Most modern business owners believe that having a website is essential. However, many legal professionals are still not of the same mind.

Don’t be one of them.

If you want your law firm to stay ahead of the competition, you need to understand the importance of hiring the services of a competent attorney website design company.

An outdated, slow, and inconsistent attorney website will turn off a potential new client.

Website Design Mistakes that You Should Avoid

As a professional attorney website design company, we provide custom solutions that can bring in high-quality leads and grow your firm.

We have seen numerous professionals wanting to revamp their websites. Here are some of the mistakes you should be aware of when it comes to attorney website design and development.

An Overdesigned Attorney Website

As a legal professional, you want your website to reflect your firm’s brand and reputation. Thus, it would be best to avoid flashy graphics and fancy animations. Extravagant design elements would work well in another industry, in a legal setting, not so much.

You should keep your attorney website design simple, sleek, and clean.

On top of that, unnecessary design elements could affect the website speed, page load times, and viewing sizes across different screens and browsers of your site. These delays can significantly reduce your search engine rankings.

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Poor Website Content

If your website visitor can’t figure out what your legal services are or how your firm can help them within a few moments, you have an inadequately designed attorney website design.

A professional attorney website design company ensures that every element on your site is presented correctly on your website. These elements include page titles, web copy, images, calls to action, videos, and graphics.

When you overload potential new clients and website visitors with poor website content, you risk driving them away from your firm.

Signs that You Need to Work with an Attorney Website Design Company

If your attorney website is more than three years old, odds are it’s already outdated.

Digital marketing, client expectations, and search engine algorithms are constantly changing.

Thus, you must work with an attorney website design company that’s always on top of the latest law firm digital marketing trends.

A professional attorney website designer can create a site that can target high-quality leads and convert them into clients.

Here are more signs that your law firm website design is due for an update:

Your law firm site doesn’t work on mobile devices.

Your site visitors should find value in your attorney website.

Half of the online search queries come from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

If your law firm website design company doesn’t pay attention to mobile site optimization, then it’s time to find a new agency.

When consumers use their mobile devices to look for products and services, they are more inclined to do business with a mobile-optimized website.

Before hiring an attorney website design company, ask them their mobile responsive website strategies.

Your Google ranking is low.

Google search algorithms are continuously developing. This is because consumer and marketing trends are evolving, and Google wants to meet those needs.

One of Google’s ranking indicators is reviewing a website’s content. A professional attorney website design company will ensure that you have high-quality and informative site content.

From your homepage to individual legal service pages to blog posts, all these content pieces should be original and optimized with the right keywords relevant to your practice.

This ensures that you create a positive engagement and interaction with your law firm site visitors.

However, website content is just one piece of the SEO puzzle. Other essential ranking factors include mobile responsiveness, website speed, internal and external links, and the overall site structure.

A competent attorney website design company can ensure all your site’s needs are met.

People leave your law firm website right away.

You need to understand the bounce rate of your attorney website.

Attorney website design companies can set your site up with monitoring and analysis tools to check the website traffic.

One of the things to check is the bounce rate of your website.

This is a digital marketing term that refers to the portion of visitors landing on your website and leaving right away, rather than checking other web pages.

A bad bounce rate doesn’t bode well for your website.

This means that you are not giving your website visitors a good first impression.

Several fixes can fix a bad bounce rate. These solutions include the following:

  • Don’t make your site visitors wait. Slow page load times lead to a poor bounce rate. If your web pages don’t load in under three seconds, your visitors will not hesitate to leave your law firm website and move on to a new one.
  • Don’t clutter your attorney website design with excessive pop-up windows and unnecessary advertisements. An experienced attorney website design company will know how to strategically place the correct elements throughout your site. This will ensure you are not distracting your site visitors with poorly placed pop-ups.
  • Provide clear and simple site navigation. If your site visitor can’t make out where to find the information they are looking for on your website, they are going to leave. Make sure that your website has straightforward navigation and calls-to-action to users decide what to do next.

Your website is not converting visitors into law firm leads.

In order to grow your client pool, prospects should see your law firm when they are searching for legal services online.

An attorney website design company can find you high-quality leads.

This means putting the right SEO strategies and tactics in place when developing your attorney website.

An attorney website design company will have the expertise, tools, and know-how to set up your website to improve its search engine rankings.

From utilizing the right keywords to reaching your target audience to providing valuable content to prospective new clients, a reliable attorney website design company will follow best practices to generate high-quality leads from your website.

Partnering with a Competent Attorney Website Design Company

There’s more to designing an attorney website than making it look good. The process includes a careful and comprehensive approach. It also involves a thorough understanding of website visitors and monitoring and analyzing website data to maximize conversion rates.

To get the most out of your website and convert visitors into clients, make sure to work with a competent attorney website design company.