Good Law Website Design for Increased Conversions

Effective law website design can bring new clients to your firm.

Gone are the days when websites for attorneys only function as virtual brochures or static pages that show your business name, phone number, and business address. In today’s internet-driven world, you must leverage powerful law website design to generate leads and turn site traffic into new clients.

Before calling a firm or hiring their legal services, clients tend to go online and research the law firms and attorneys they’re considering hiring. When a potential client lands on your website and is not impressed by what they see, it doesn’t matter that you have stellar credentials or extensive experience – you risk losing that opportunity to attract new clients online.

Reach Your Target Clients with Effective Law Firm Website Design

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Your law firm website must have a strong and powerful online presence to thrive in the digital era. And this starts with effective law website design.

With a powerful website for attorneys designed for conversions, you can generate vast amounts of traffic to your website, whether it’s organic or paid.

Don’t Let All That Site Traffic Go to Waste

However, if the site visitor doesn’t engage, reach out, or schedule an appointment with you, then all the website traffic you garner is worthless.

A website’s conversion rate is a fundamental factor in driving your law firm’s growth.

Any business owner would want to boost conversions on their websites, including law firms and other legal professionals. Any digital marketers and strategists for law firms worth their salt know that law website design can make all the difference.

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While search engine optimization for lawyers, social media, and pay-per-click ads help, creating and developing an excellent law website design is an essential conversion component that is often overlooked.

Building a powerful website for attorneys can make or break your firm’s online conversion rates.

What Is Conversion?

Before we delve deeper into effective law website design and how it affects conversion rates, let us first define conversion.

An effective website design for law firms and increase your conversion rate.

In marketing, conversion is the point where a consumer performs an action that the marketing message intends for them to do.

For consumer markets, conversions can happen simple and fast. It could be a customer signing up for an email subscription to get a coupon code (which is the quick conversion), and then they go to the store to avail of the discounted items and buy more products, which is the key conversion event.

In the longer and more complex legal industry, you want a steady series of conversions for your firm. Engage website visitors by publishing informative blogs, interacting with prospective clients on social media, connecting with your leads, etc.

Speaking of site visitors, website conversions refer to your visitors responding affirmatively to the calls to action you place on your law firm website.

Obviously, your aim should be high conversion rates for your law firm website.

Law Website Design and Conversions

Websites for attorneys exist to showcase your firm’s authority and credibility in your field of law. The most successful law firm websites are able to maintain an impressive conversion rate while establishing authority.

And in the legal industry, establishing your authority, credibility, and trustworthiness is everything.

How can attorney websites show authority?

In order for a law firm to show authority online, their website must be capable of making their brand stand out and position them as credible and trustworthy.

Think of it as a system of online verification.

Your business website represent you online.

When you have a good law firm website that works well, consumers will immediately think you’re a legitimate legal services provider.

On the flip side, if your firm doesn’t have a professional website in this day and age, potential clients tend to wonder why. And with this puzzlement comes people possibly questioning your legitimacy as a legal professional.

Since prospective clients start their search for attorneys online, showcasing your brand on the web to new and current clients is one of the most important things you can do for your firm.

Elements of Good Law Website Design

If you don’t have the right components of a great law website design, you’re not going to see high conversion rates.

Here are some of the vital law firm website design elements you need to learn about if you want to skyrocket conversions.

Clear and Simple Navigation

Website navigation is a significant component of generating conversions. The items displayed at the top of the website on the menu bar can significantly influence your site visitors’ experience.

Custom attorney website designs includes simple and clear navigation.

They’re also an effective way to show exactly what field of law you are in, what legal services you offer, and how you can help clients.

Competent and expert law website designers know how to direct site visitors properly. For instance, skilled designers will know not to confuse site visitors with a cluttered top navigation menu or multiple dropdown options.

However, it would be best if you made sure that there is a straightforward option that leads to a click-to-call link or directly to your contact page.

Simplifying your navigation is one of the most important things to maximize website conversions.

Content Layout

You could write and publish the best articles and pieces with valuable legal information. However, if your website content is not laid out well, your site visitors are not going to want to read anything you put on your law firm website.

Study after study has shown that an average website visitor just doesn’t read straight through online articles anymore. While original and informational content is essential for search engine optimization, you must present it properly to engage your site visitors.

As such, your law website design must be creative and captivating enough to hold their attention.

Strong Branding

Establishing your brand online is vital.

Consistency is key when it comes to law firm branding. If your attorney website looks completely different from your social media profiles or your law firm logo anywhere else on the web, you will encounter conversion issues.

These issues will stem from consumers and potential clients not recognizing your brand. With this misrepresentation comes people not feeling comfortable converting or following through with your call to action.

Again, law website design – when done right – can help here.

Professional digital marketing and web design agencies will ensure that your firm will have a custom, overarching design that properly reflects your firm’s brand. They will also carry those design qualities and components across all of your online platforms.

How Can Law Website Design Drive conversions?

Conversion rate increases will depend on several factors.

Good website design for attorneys can boost conversions – that’s a fact.

In order to achieve high conversions, you must break through the conventional approach to law website design and prioritize conversions.

Beautiful websites that don’t function well are not going to cut it. Powerful and effective website design for attorneys can make or break your digital conversion rates.  Hire the best law website design company to help boost conversions.