Here’s How a Facebook Marketing Partner Can Help Your Business

Work with a certified Facebook Marketing Partner to elevate your social media marketing strategy.

Facebook, the largest social media platform in the world, has started the Facebook Marketing Partner program. This venture helps Facebook’s marketer users get the most out of the platform.

Facebook Marketing partners are carefully vetted by Facebook – not only for their marketing expertise and capabilities but also for a good track record of marketing success.

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Only once the marketing agency proves that they hold the highest standard of performance and functionality (such as Rule Your Kingdom) can they earn the esteemed Facebook Marketing Partner badge.

Make the Most Out of Your Social Media Marketing

By employing the services of a certified Facebook Marketing Partner, you can be sure to make the most out of using Facebook to reach your target customers.

Whether it’s for managing your social media campaigns, reaching new potential customers, or improving your analytics, there’s a Facebook partner with the expertise you need.

Types of FacebookMarketing Partners

  • Community Management – Manages business pages and engagement
  • Commerce – Boost online sales with the use of Facebook tools
  • Advertising Technology – Optimizes and customizes your Facebook ad campaigns
  • Small Business Strategies – Utilizes solutions for local businesses
  • Creative Approach – Curate, create, and publish Facebook content
  • Lead Generation Ads – Personalized customer targeting features to reach your target audience
  • Measurement Tactics – Analyzes and tracks the performance of a Facebook business page and its ad campaigns

Here are the benefits you get with working with a Facebook Marketing Partner.

Early Access to BrandNew Features

Engage with your target customers on Facebook.

When you work with a Facebook partner, you’re updated on the latest marketing features on Facebook and Instagram (since the former owns the latter.)

Your marketing partner can then make expert recommendations if these new features, formats, or optimizations can benefit your specific Facebook marketing strategy.

Realize Facebook’s Full Marketing Potential

The marketing professional’s expertise in understanding and utilizing the features is the key to realizing Facebook’s full marketing and advertising potential.

And naturally, when you get early access to these brand new features, it puts you away ahead of your competition. This is an edge you can get when you have a FacebookMarketing Partner on your team.

Certified Social Media Experts

Hiring the services of certified Facebook and Instagram advertising agencies means you have qualified and experienced experts that are working for you. As we mentioned above, Facebook doesn’t just officially recognize anyone as a social media marketing partner.

There are strict requirements before an agency earns the Facebook Marketing Partner badge.

There are particular requirements a marketing professional must follow before they are named a Facebook partner. Some of these requirements are:

  • Consistent and effective use of Facebook marketing tools
  • Proven track record of the value they offer to their clients
  • Sustained growth
  • Blueprint Certification – shows that the marketing partner knows the optimizations and tactics needed to give their clients the most optimum marketing strategy.

An FMP in your corner means you won’t be left in the dark when it comes to the best social media marketing strategies for your brand. You’ll also get expert recommendations on what’s best for your business – from the innovations you need to adapt to the trends you must follow.

A Facebook Marketing Partner Knows What’s Coming Next

When planning your advertising campaign or marketing strategy and allocating the budget for it, it’s vital to presume what the next steps are.

An FMP is always updated about the latest Facebook tools and products. Whatever innovation there is, your Facebook expert can give you a heads up. By having this knowledge, you can plan your advertising budget carefully for new and promising revenue opportunities.

Whether it’s engaging with your target customers in new ways or utilizing a new lead generation approach, you’ll know what’s coming next.

Solid Partnership

Working with a FacebookMarketing Partner is not a mere third-party vendor contract – it’s a long-term partnership. This is especially true when you want to achieve long-lasting and sustainable results.

That’s why it’s crucial to work with a certified Facebook partner.

They’ll make sure they understand the goals of your business so that they can come up with a strategy tailor-made for you.

Rule Your Kingdom Is a Facebook Marketing Partner

As a certified Facebook Marketing Partner, we are in an excellent position to provide effective and reliable social media marketing strategies to help boost your business. Your target customers are on Facebook waiting for you – and you must know how to engage with them.

For more information on how we can work together, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.