Custom Attorney Website Design That Brings More Clients

A custom attorney website design ensures you are conveying what your firm is all about.

Nowadays, ready-made website templates, do-it-yourself website building software, and other services are promptly available. However, a custom attorney website design can put your firm in a great position – especially with generating high-quality leads and acquiring new clients.

Reach Your Target Clients with Effective Law Firm Website Design

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No matter how easy and convenient using premade site templates, nothing beats custom attorney website design.

It takes a professional law firm website design company to engineer a well-developed site with high search result rankings and increased website traffic.

Skip the premade website templates if you want a professional website for your law firm.

A professional digital marketing company provides custom attorney website design.

They have a team of dedicated specialists that can provide you with everything your firm needs to succeed online.

These experts specialize in custom attorney website design, content management, content marketing, search engine optimization, security, and various aspects of law firm digital marketing services.

When you have a dedicated law firm website design firm in your arsenal, you can leave your firm’s marketing to them and focus on providing top-quality services to your clients.

Promoting Your Firm with Custom Attorney Website Design

How do you market your law firm online?

As a legal professional, you want to make sure everyone knows your sterling credibility and notable reputation.

Thus, you must be proactive about your marketing efforts.

Today, a majority of people go online to search for everything they need and want. These searches include legal-related information and services.

That’s why it’s crucial for you to make it as simple as possible for new leads to find you on the internet.

You need custom attorney website design and law firm digital marketing services from a credible agency to make that possible.

Does My Firm Need Custom Attorney Website Design?

The short answer is yes.

Custom attorney website design is the foundation of your firm’s web presence. Aside from impacting your potential and current clients’ perception of your brand, it also affects your overall public image.

And as you know, public perception is crucial among legal professionals.

As the term implies, the main advantage of custom attorney website design is customizability.

You can develop your attorney website to meet your firm’s specific needs. From the visual elements to the functions and features you want your site to have, you have free reign to make your custom attorney website design to look and function as you wish.

On the other hand, a generic website design template limits you from maximizing the full potential of having a law firm website.

Custom Attorney Website Design Tips

A good attorney website must have a Contact page with the right information.

While it’s true that you can personalize your attorney website design, there are some standard rules you should follow.

These guidelines will ensure that you’re following best practices for website design for attorneys.

An expert attorney website designer can translate these guidelines into what will work for you and your organization.

It’s a delicate balance of abiding by digital marketing and web design standards and making sure your custom attorney website stands out.

Components of A Good Attorney Website Design

There’s no standard format a law firm website must follow. However, legal professionals must follow governing procedures and guidelines when hiring custom attorney website design services.

Naturally, the content of your attorney website will depend on what type of law you practice. However, all law firm websites must start with the following:

  • A professional law firm logo.
  • Your home page thoroughly explains your value proposition.
  • An About page that shows your professional qualifications.
  • Practice area pages that expound on your specializations.
  • Attorney bio page/s with professional and custom photos.
  • A law firm blog and FAQ section.
  • Positive client testimonials and reviews.
  • Contact page with your most updated operating address, office hours, etc.
  • Live chat.

Include original and professional photographs in your attorney website.

What Should I Put my Custom Attorney Website Design?

Here are some essential custom attorney website design considerations you should remember.

A Client-Focused Attorney Website

During the design and development process, ensure that you go by this ideal: “What can I do for my potential and current clients?”

Gone are the days in advertising where businesses what to show off and say “look at how great we are” or use other self-praise languages.

The internet has allowed consumers to have a vast array of options for service providers, including legal professionals.

This means that when someone sees and visits your website, and you don’t grab their attention immediately, they won’t hesitate to leave your site and move on to the next one.

A custom attorney website design should set out to provide the best possible user experience.

This means answering commonly asked questions, addressing your site visitors’ concerns, and taking an empathetic stance. These guidelines not only go great with SEO, but they are inherently more influential in giving your site visitors a pleasant experience.

So, how does this impact custom attorney website design?

Custom Attorney Website Design and Positive User Experience

Keep It Simple

When developing a custom attorney website design, user experience is a vital consideration.

When you don’t include any distractions on the website, keep the design simple, and present necessary information concisely, you make it easy for your site visitors to navigate your website.

Adam Aldous | President and Founder | Night Flight Concepts

Your potential new clients will likely look at several law firms before deciding which one to contact. Most law firm websites would bog them down with too much copy or visual elements when trying to explain their services.

Simplicity and functionality. That’s the key to custom attorney website design.

From a visual standpoint, law firm websites should have a simple and minimalistic design. This means no flash graphics, gradients, drop shadows, and other complex imagery.

The website theme and layout should allow room to breathe so the content is easy to read and understand.

Your website must evoke a sense of professionalism and credibility with a clean and professional look. All the pages should be balanced with sleek typography, sufficient white space, and image boxes.

Use Personal Photography

While it’s okay to use stock photos on your custom attorney website design, you should have original pictures across all the web pages.

In the legal industry, image is everything. Hire a professional photographer to take photos of you, your firm, and your staff.

Personal photos allow potential clients to get a glimpse of the human side of your firm. This creates a sense of familiarity, bond, and comfort.

Using custom photos will also let you stand out from a sea of attorney websites with stock pictures.

Well-Organized Navigation

Custom attorney website designs includes simple and clear navigation.

An orderly and organized site navigation is a crucial custom attorney website design element.

If you have a messy interface, you are not providing a positive user experience to your site visitors.

A disorganized interface and navigation provide barriers to your leads through the marketing funnel.

Furthermore, untidy website navigation will make potential new clients question your image, credibility, and your capacity to provide the best legal services.

The best law firm websites have the following:

  • Custom attorney website design
  • Client-driven website experience
  • Consistent branding
  • Effective search engine optimization
  • Clean and professional visual
  • Responsive design
  • Fast site and page load times

No matter what the size of your firm is or what you specialize in, a custom attorney website design can give your potential new patients a great first impression – one that sticks.