Choosing the Best Local SEO Company for Attorneys

To find the best local SEO company for law firms, there are several things you must know.

Finding the best local SEO company for attorneys and law firms that you can trust with your practice’s web presence is crucial.

You work hard in your business. You want to make sure your efforts pay off by attracting your target clients. As such, it can be discouraging when your competition ranks higher than you in online search results.

Reach Your Target Clients with Strategic SEO for Attorneys

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For your law practice to succeed, you want to drive organic traffic, high-quality leads, and sales to your website. This is where the best local SEO company for attorneys can help.

If you’re having a challenging time selecting the best local SEO company for attorneys, today’s post is for you.

Hiring the best local SEO agency for attorneys can significantly impact your law practice. Before signing an agreement with a new SEO agency, we’ll share some tips to make choosing the best company easier for you.

What Is Local SEO for Law Firms?

A Unique Blend of Optimization Strategies

A powerful local SEO campaign for attorneys requires a unique combination of on-site and off-site optimization strategies. It focuses on improving attorney websites’ rankings for location-based searches. It’s a hyper-focused optimization technique concentrating on various geographical components.

Local SEO can help your firm attract and engage your target clients quickly.

Effective local SEO for lawyers can help your firm find nearby clients searching for your legal services.

Since most law firms are small and local businesses, finding a search engine optimization agency specializing in these tactics for law firms is a must.  

The best local SEO company for attorneys law firms can help make you visible in the right places – so you can attract the ideal clientele for your firm.

This can, in turn, generate more leads, conversions, and sales for your law practice.

Read on to make the search and vetting process for the best local SEO company for attorneys easier.

Find the Best Local SEO Company for Attorneys

How Do You Choose a Law Firm SEO Agency?

Local SEO is a blend of optimization techniques - both on-site and off-site.

The pursuit of a reliable local search engine optimization agency may feel overwhelming.

No matter your digital marketing awareness or experience, you may not know exactly what to look for or avoid.

Choosing the right agency entails keeping your business goals and marketing needs in mind.

Seek Local SEO Industry Experts

There are many SEO agencies for law firms out there. However, not all of them are good and experienced enough to handle legal SEO and digital marketing. Therefore, you have to screen your options well.

Just like your clients seek your legal expertise, you should also seek experts in SEO and digital marketing for law firms. However, don’t just take their word for it.

You can start out by researching SEO companies online.

The best local SEO company for attorneys is an industry expert.

Simply type “best local SEO companies for law firms” and create a shortlist of a few agencies that catch your interest.

Look for ones with several years of experience in the industry. Since you are targeting local SEO strategies for law firms, choosing a company that specializes in local search optimization techniques is important.

After shortlisting some agencies, you can look for customer reviews about them available on Google, social media, and directory sites.

Proven Law Firm SEO Expertise and Processes

Stay ahead of the competition with custom digital marketing and SEO strategies.

Another important factor in choosing the best local SEO company for law firms is SEO expertise, knowledge, and processes.

This includes staff experience, reporting and communication skills, customer service, transparency, and thought leadership.

The primary local SEO services you can expect from a credible agency include:

Local competitor analysis 

Getting a comprehensive knowledge of what your competition is doing is a vital component of building a robust local SEO strategy for law firms.

Legal SEO experts will help you evaluate how you fare against your competition and develop a plan on how you can surpass them.

Establishing and monitoring local citations 

Your law firm should be listed in online directories – that’s an essential part of a good law firm local SEO plan.

Implementing good legal content marketing strategy 

This process involves a refined keyword research procedure as necessary to know how your target clients are searching for your legal services.

Creating an optimized Google Business profile 

Your law firm’s Google Business page is the first thing your prospective clients will see online. Therefore, you must have your firm’s most accurate information listed on your Google Business profile.

Monitoring and tracking local SEO campaigns for law firms

What makes local SEO for law firms effective is constant monitoring and analytics tracking. This lets you know what areas need improvement and what needs more focus.

Ask the Right Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask questions when searching for the best local SEO company for attorneys. A reputable company will not shy away from them.

You wouldn’t want to get in business with someone who can’t communicate properly and attend to your concerns.

Make sure you ask an SEO agency the right questions.

Before signing a business contract with an SEO agency, you can ask them the following questions and get a feel for how they respond and address your concerns.

  • How much experience do you have in local SEO for law firms?
  • How is SEO different from local SEO for law firms and attorneys?
  • What’s included in your local SEO strategy?
  • Will we get a dedicated project manager?
  • How do I beat my competitors?
  • How often do I get updates on my SEO campaign?

Custom Local SEO Services for Law Firms

There is no one-size-fits-all local SEO strategy. The best local SEO company for attorneys and law firms will create, develop, and implement a campaign that will revolve around your firm’s specific business needs.

Before you hire a local SEO company for lawyers, make sure they provide a concrete plan detailing the local SEO methods and strategies they intend to use for your law firm.