Are Local SEO Services Right for Me?


The internet has increased our reach. While sitting at any location, you can find businesses and retailers anywhere in the world, and hopefully connect with them easily. Local SEO services are especially important for any business that relies on business in real life. If you have a storefront or a service-based business that only serves a specific area, then what are you doing online if you don’t optimize your local SEO? The answer is – you’re only doing a fraction of the business you could be doing.

What do local SEO services do?

Local SEO services make it easy for people in your area to find your business, and then shop there! Whether you stand out as a unique business or your market is crowded with competitors, it won’t matter how good your services are if people can’t find you online, and then connect with you offline, too! If you have a storefront or a business that relies on interactions in real life, local SEO is critical to the life of your business. It’s as important as the storefront on your brick-and-mortar location.

Reach Your Target Customers with Effective Local Search Engine Optimization Techniques.

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It won’t do any good for people in other cities to find you, if you can’t service the people in those cities. And if your business can deliver to other areas, or if you ship your products across multiple locations, you still want people in your area to find you easily and quickly. This is especially helpful if you do a lot of offline marketing. Your local SEO services should make it easy for your business to stand out in the areas where your customers live.

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Local SEO services should help you increase your reach to new markets, strengthen your exposure to the customers you already have or ones you’ve engaged with in the past, and help you manage your online reputation. They serve to basically act like your online local PR company, making it easy for you to always put your best face forward.

Local vs. National SEO

Local SEO services should be doing location-specific things to build your presence within your neighbors. It’s not easy to get in front of the people in your community, but if you’re paying for these services, they should know what to do in order to make it happen.

Google My Business

Local SEO services focus in on what makes you special in your market.
Focus in on what makes you special in your market.

One of the top priorities for local SEO is your Google My Business page. Of course, Google wants users to stay on their own site longer – they built the rules for how optimization works – so Google prioritizes and really boosts local companies who make who the most use of their Google Business page.

Local Website Optimization

One of the other top ways that local SEO services optimize your website itself is to make sure that there are local topics and local addresses listed on your site. Your SEO services should make sure that your city name is listed everywhere needed on your site, as well as that your site includes specific local content. Blogs, local reviews, local influencers, and insider tips about your city can make your site a go-to source for your local industry.

Larger Than Local

While your SEO service should never push you to change your business model – they should always adapt their strategy to the way your business operates – they may suggest that you begin to increase your reach online in new and different ways. Ask your SEO services company about guest blogging, appearances and promotions at live events, targeted social media advertising, inbound linking from other local sources, and managing your online reviews. While not directly related to getting people onto your website, these tactics can go a long way to expanding your business’ reach and getting you in front of more potential clients in your local market.

In Summary

Local SEO is crucial to your business' online life.
SEO is crucial to your business’ online life.

So, are local SEO services right for you? It depends on what type of business you operate, the competitiveness of your industry, and your business’ growth strategy. But, no matter where you live or what the competition is like in your area for your industry, local SEO is sure to establish your company as a central figure in the community. Whether you want to become known as an authority or draw together a huge surge of potential customers and influencers, you should be considering local SEO as an integral part of your marketing strategy.