7 Benefits of a Well-Executed Law Firm Website Design

A good law firm website design can help turn prospects into clients.

Reach Your Target Clients with Effective Law Firm Website Design

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You risk turning off potential new clients if you have an outdated and slow website. To remedy this, you need a well-designed and developed law firm website.

Like with any other product or service, people tend to go online first if they are looking for legal services and information.

When prospective clients are researching online, you want to ensure that your law firm’s website is one of the top search results.

Is your law firm website designed to turn leads into clients?

Your website is vital to your law firm’s overall marketing plan. Whether you have a large law firm or a smaller one, it’s essential to have a website that makes the right impression.

What Can a Good Law Firm Website Design Do for Your Firm?

A well-executed website for your law firm will provide several benefits for your organization.

Foster Trust and Build Credibility

A busy law firm needs an effective website.

The internet has paved the way for diverse trends in website design for law firms.

If the website for your law firm is not presented professionally, you may create distrust and lack of confidence among potential new clients.

Your law firm website design must be simple, intuitive, and easily accessible.

Your firm’s specialty should be immediately evident when a person visits your website. If you have an effortless law firm website design, the website visitor will know right away if you are a family law, environmental law, or business law firm.

Your website should have custom content and original images.

Effective use of icons and site imagery, as well as engaging written content, should communicate what your legal specialty is.

While it’s okay to use stock images, it’s crucial to show original images of your staff and your office. This will lead to building trust and credibility for your law firm.

A Powerful and Effective Marketing Tool

When you have a properly built law firm website design, it can serve as a highly effective marketing tool for your organization.

It’s impossible to always be in the office and available to answer every potential client’s queries.

However, if your website has all the necessary materials a potential client needs, they can peruse all that information until they can talk to someone at your firm.

Most clients will visit and look through a law firm’s website before contacting you for legal services. Thus, your law firm website design should represent what your firm is about and what you can do for your clients.

Enhanced Convenience and Accessibility

Because of the internet, people can do a background check on a legal professional before hiring them for their services.

If your website is equipped with all the correct information and designed to help your clients navigate it easily, potential new leads will reach you with no trouble.

A Helpful Informative Device

Using your website, you can explain in great detail how you can help potential new clients through your legal services. Sharing your expertise, valuable information, and knowledge will increase your clients’ trust and confidence in hiring you.

An Instrument for Communication

Not every potential client will want to talk on the phone and inquire about your services. Many would wish the initial contact to be via email or chat. Others would even just want to read through your website first before initiating any form of communication.

When a potential new client visits your law firm’s website, make sure they can see everything they would want to see. And if they decide to reach out to you, make sure that all the ways to reach you are available.

Elements of a Good and Effective Law Firm Website Design

Mobile Responsive Website Design

Google, the most popular search engine in the world, prioritizes websites that have mobile functionality. This means that if your legal website is not optimized for mobile use, you won’t rank as high in search results.

As a result, potential new clients will not see your website and information when they look for the legal services you are offering.

If you are not sure if your current law firm website design is developed for mobile, Google has a tool to check the mobile functionality of a website.

Dedicate Practice Area Pages

If you have multiple practice areas, you should dedicate one page for each of them. This allows you to explain your services in detail.

Your law firm website design must clearly show your practice areas.

You don’t have to get into any legal specifics about your practice or use complicated legal jargon.

However, when a potential new client reads through your website, they should see the information they need about your legal services right away.

If you practice an area of law that is highly specialized, you may need to dedicate subpages for each of these areas. For instance, if you are a personal injury attorney, you should have a page for general personal injury cases information on your website.

Under this page, you should have subpages that talk about different personal injury cases such as workplace injuries, wrongful death, auto accident injuries, medical malpractice, etc.

A Compelling Call to Action Feature Built on Every Page

A CTA is a vital website feature that aims to convert website visitors into customers. For a law firm website design, a compelling CTA will encourage a lead to take that next step to be a client.

The CTA can only be compelling if the website visitor is inspired to get in touch with you based on the information they see on your website.

Some standard calls to action that you can incorporate in your law firm website design are scheduling a consultation, invitations to call, downloading an eBook, or completing an online form.

A professional law firm website design agency will know how to merge effective language and visual elements when crafting CTAs.

Is Law Firm Website Due for a Redesign?

If your law firm website is outdated, you need a redesign.

In today’s internet era, prospective clients are more web-savvy. Since the internet allows them to access a multitude of information about anything, consumers get more selective.

They peruse all the information they can get before deciding who to give their business to, or in this case, who to get legal advice from.

People spend more time online researching about an attorney, looking through their credentials and professional history, reading testimonials from previous and current clients, and sifting through many other facts and materials.

Potential new clients will be wary of giving you their trust if they are not impressed with how your brand is represented online.

Attracting new clients gets more challenging. Is your law firm website design driving new leads to your firm?

Here are some of the signs that you may be due for a website redesign:

Is your website effective in reaching new leads?

An effective marketing strategy for attorneys entails identifying the right target audience. Some tools can help ensure that you find the right audience and interact with them.

If not, you can partner with a professional digital marketing agency. They can implement the right online marketing strategies to help you expand your online reach.

If your website is old, certain issues such as website speed, outdated content, and incompatibility for mobile use could keep you from reaching your target audience.

Does your website reflect your brand?

Did anything in your organization change since your website was created? Anything from a new law firm logo to a new advertising scheme can affect what an attorney’s website should look like.

Is your law firm website designed for mobile use?

Your attorney website must reflect your brand.

Mobile internet usage accounts for half of the overall internet traffic. This means that promising new leads are on their smartphones or tablets looking for your legal services.

If a user visits your website and it doesn’t show up well or run properly on their mobile device, you risk losing that prospective new client. They will close your site immediately if it doesn’t grab their attention. There are numerous other websites for them to move on to after leaving yours.

On top of that, if your law firm website is not correctly optimized for mobile, you will notice a negative effect on your overall search engine rankings.

Any website designer worth their salt would know the importance of mobile-responsive law firm website design.