6 Attorney Website Design Tips that Every Firm Should Know

Firms should follow the best attorney website design tips to boost conversions.

The legal field is highly saturated and competitive. As such, you need to make sure you stand out. And it starts online. Today’s post will share some valuable attorney website design tips to give potential new clients a great first impression when they visit your law firm website.

Reach Your Target Clients with Effective Law Firm Website Design

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People start searching for legal information, advice, and services on the internet. Thirty-three percent of consumers go online to look for legal representation.

Is your website following the best attorney website design tips, guidelines, and best practices?

Maximizing Your Law Firm’s Digital Marketing Efforts

As we mentioned above, people evaluate a law firm’s online presence before calling or setting an appointment with an attorney. This research includes checking the attorney website, reading client reviews and testimonials, assessing membership and accreditations, etc.

If you’re running a firm without a website, you’re already losing potential new clients with an active online presence to your competitors.

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However, it’s not enough to have a website that’s merely an online business card for your firm. You might as well have no online presence at all.

The attorney website design tips we’ll share with you will let you maximize your digital marketing efforts to boost your firm.

Your Attorney Website Is Important More Than Ever

Whether you are a solo practitioner or a more prominent law firm, having a well-developed website for your business is more vital than ever.

While some may argue that having social media pages or being listed on legal directory sites is enough, having a custom attorney website design exclusive to your firm will benefit you.

Your attorney website can work in tandem with your social media profiles.

Ideally, you should have an attorney website before a social media page. However, if you can realistically only go with one, you must pick a custom website for your firm over social media.

Websites are developed to work exactly like how you want it to meet your business needs. This means when you hire the services of a professional attorney website design company, you can utilize your site to meet every business metric you set.

Law firms should be proactive about their online marketing strategy.

Firms should be proactive about their digital marketing and web design strategies.

You might be thinking, “I already have a busy practice. Why do I need a website?”

You may be bustling with clients right now, but there’s no guarantee how long that will last.

If you are operating a law firm, you must run it like a business. This approach means you must think broadly about the future of your firm.

Don’t allow your vision for your firm to be limited just because you are overwhelmed with clients right now. A well-designed website can constantly generate high-quality leads for your firm.

On top of that, your website can lighten a busy firm’s load.

Online client forms and live chat sessions, for instance, can get rid of unnecessary calls. Client portals can enhance case updates and document sharing.

Attorney Website Design Tip #1: You Need a Well-Created Website

Here’s a good attorney website design tip to start you off with: You need a website for your organization.

Don’t be part of the 14 percent without a good website for their law firm. What’s more unfortunate is

smaller law firms and solo practitioners who make up that figure.

When in fact, they are the ones who can benefit from a well-developed law firm website.

To generate more high-quality leads and profits for your local practice, you need a well-designed attorney website.

Your website serves as your online platform on which you can build a solid foundation for your online marketing efforts.

Great Attorney Website Design Ranks the Highest

When it comes to websites for law firms, there’s no one size fits all. However, there are standard attorney website design tips you should adhere to produce a great website.

Improving your site rankings entails following the best attorney website design tips.

While it’s easy and tempting to use a premade website design template, there’s no assurance that your law firm website will climb the ranks of Google.

One of the best attorney website design tips you can follow for your firm is to invest in custom web design and development services.

When you work with a reliable web design and digital marketing firm, the end result is a well-designed website engineered to achieve high rankings on Google.

Some of the essential ranking factors that Google and other search engines look at are attorney websites that load fast, are mobile responsive, and provide a positive user experience.

6 Simple Law Firm and Attorney Website Design Tips

Here are the essential attorney website design tips to help make your firm’s site stand out online, reach your target audience, and keep them engaged.

Identify Your Goal

Your attorney website design should meet your target business goals.

Your attorney website is more than just an online business card. It has the capability to be the most vital marketing tool in your arsenal.

As such, your business plan should include what your objectives are for your law firm’s website.

Do you wish your site to be a legal information resource? Do you plan to have site visitors call your firm to schedule a consultation? Are you targeting a very specific niche?

When your site has a well-defined purpose, you have a more straightforward path of what direction to take. You can then plan to follow the appropriate attorney website design tips to meet your business goals.

Client-Focused Attorney Website Design

When you are designing and developing your law firm website, you should absolutely draw attention to your qualifications and credentials.

However, it shouldn’t be all about you.

When you highlight your credibility as a legal professional, potential new clients should understand how your services can benefit them.

How can you make a client-focused attorney website? By making sure you give them a positive user experience.

Comprehensive Calls to Action

Good calls-to-action elements combine design and copy.

CTAs or calls to action are what you want a user to do when they consume the content you put out.

Making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, calling to book an appointment, commenting on a blog post are all prime examples of calls to action.

When it comes to composing and sprinkling CTAs across your website, here’s a necessary attorney website design tip: make sure you combine visual elements and copy to highlight CTAs. You want to make sure that CTAs are prominently highlighted throughout your website.

Clutter Is Bad

Remember this crucial attorney website design tip: a cluttered design is never good.

Gone are the days when you pack websites with photos, unnecessary functions, redundant features, and gratuitous animations. On top of that, less is more when it comes to attorney website design. Minimalism is the way to go.

A professional law firm website design company will never put anything on your site that doesn’t serve a purpose. By removing clutter from your law firm website, you can enhance its overall user experience.

Optimize Your Attorney Website for Conversions

Design and optimization go hand in hand. That may be an essential takeaway you can get from this post.

Optimizing your website for conversions involves different steps and stages. When you work with a competent law firm website design agency, you can rest easy knowing that your digital marketing and web design strategies are in good hands.