5 Simple Steps for Creating the Best Attorney SEO Strategy

Experts can help you develop a custom attorney SEO strategy for your firm.

The internet has dramatically influenced how clients look for and hire legal services. If you want your local law practice to thrive and attract more new clients, you need to implement the best attorney SEO strategy for your firm.

Word-of-mouth marketing, referrals, print, and other forms of traditional advertising and marketing for lawyers are still prevalent. And there are still quite a number of attorneys and law firms that continue to advertise their legal services through traditional attorney advertising methods. 

Reach Your Target Clients with Strategic SEO for Attorneys

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However, you need to implement search engine optimization strategies for law firms to capture more prospective clients’ attention. 

You may have already heard of the SEO services for law firms. Nevertheless, you may not be aware of the incredible results the best attorney SEO strategy can bring to your firm.

The Best Attorney SEO Strategies to Double Your Web Traffic

Through the best attorney SEO strategy, attorneys and law firms can easily be found on the internet by consumers seeking legal services they provide. 

SEO for law firms is an integral part of digital marketing. When done right, search engine optimization can help boost your law practice’s organic ranking on Google and other search engine results pages.

Compared to other forms of law firm advertising and marketing, attorney SEO strategies can steadily improve qualified leads for your firm over time.

What Makes the Best Attorney SEO Strategy

For a search engine optimization strategy to be considered effective, it should generate more organic traffic (and conversions) to your firm and boost your search engine rankings.

It may sound simple enough. However, there’s a caveat. 

Search engine algorithms are ever-changing.

Effective SEO strategies can boost your business.

Google aims to continually provide users with relevant and high-quality results to their online queries. To enhance the quality of online searches, Google always updates its algorithms several times a year.

What does that mean for search engine optimization for law firms? 

It means the best attorney SEO strategy is not just a one-time process. It’s not something you just set and forget. Every search engine optimization campaign for law firms needs constant monitoring and adjustments.

When you work with a professional law firm SEO company, they will regularly analyze and fine-tune the campaign to ensure you have the best attorney SEO strategy with the latest search engine best practices.

A reliable and credible attorney SEO agency will keep you updated with the newest developments in the world of search engine optimization and digital marketing.

On top of that, you can seek plenty of resources for quality SEO information – like this article.

Below we’ll share the simple steps for creating the best attorney SEO strategy for your firm. Every SEO campaign for attorneys will be different. This is because law firms will have varying business needs and goals. 

To ensure you have the best attorney SEO strategy, work with a law firm SEO company that provides custom search engine optimization services for attorneys and firms. 

Steps to Create the Best Attorney SEO Strategy

Assess Your Current Law Firm SEO Performance 

If you are unaware of how your attorney website is currently performing, creating and developing the best attorney SEO strategy for your firm would not be possible. 

Solo attorneys must pay close attention to their website design and digital marketing.

Your optimization strategy and development process must start with a comprehensive assessment of your existing SEO performance. 

As a starting point, you must evaluate the following status of your law firm website.

  • Organic visibility 
  • Organic traffic 
  • Keyword rankings
  • Traffic split

You can use a number of SEO tools to collect these insights. A professional SEO specialist will know what items to look for and evaluate when benchmarking your current search engine optimization function.

Understanding your site’s current SEO insight will let you develop the best attorney SEO strategy. You can uncover what elements need work and what you can improve. You can also break down your site’s current ranking position and develop a method to improve it to achieve your unique business goals. 

Use Keywords That Can Drive Leads and Traffic for Attorneys

SEO experts conduct comprehensive keyword research.

The foundation of the best attorney SEO strategy is proper keyword research.

Exploring the right keywords for your search engine optimization campaign works in conjunction with driving awareness for your firm. 

Furthermore, it supports your effort to provide prospective clients with an easy way to get in touch with your office to ask questions or schedule an appointment. 

To kick off the keyword research process, your attorney SEO company will ask you about the common queries your target clients may be looking for online. This will depend on your legal specialty. 

For instance, if you are a divorce attorney in Orlando, Florida, your prospective clients may be looking for “how to file for divorce in Florida” or “how to contest a will” if you are a probate attorney. These queries are examples of those related to specific legal scenarios. 

Other types of online queries for law firms will have definite purchase intent, such as “hire an estate planning attorney” or “car accident attorneys near me.”

You can publish the most engaging and original content online. However, if you are not targeting and incorporating the right keywords for your firm, your target audience and prospective clients will never find you on the web.

Produce High-Quality Content

As mentioned earlier, keyword research is vital to establishing the best attorney SEO strategy. When done right, keyword research gets the other components of search engine optimization underway.

In SEO, content is an essential optimization component.

One of these essential components is content creation. For attorneys and law firms to attract their target clients, they must prove their value and credibility.

Content creation and marketing is one of the most effective ways to achieve this feat. Investing in content marketing can offer sustainable benefits for your firm.

A few of these benefits include establishing your brand’s trustworthiness, improving your online credibility, driving conversions, and improving your client acquisition rate.

High-quality content for attorneys are those that provide value to your target market. Your content must answer their common queries, provide valuable insights, and educate them. 

In the high-quality and original content you publish, keywords must be used strategically and naturally. Stuffing your attorney website content with keywords is not a good practice. Doing this can penalize your site and hurt your search engine rankings.

On top of that, unnatural and contrived use of keywords within your content will not impress or engage your site visitors and potential clients. 

Enhance User Experience

User experience is a crucial ranking factor.

Beyond website content, excellent user experience is vital in creating the best attorney SEO strategy.

Google and other search engines have regarded user experience as a vital ranking factor for websites. 

Make sure your attorney website design and development team knows how to deliver a responsive, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate website for your law firm that loads fast and displays correctly.

Hire an Attorney SEO Expert

Understanding the basic notions of search engine optimization is simple and straightforward.

To create the best attorney SEO strategy, hire optimization experts.

However, to create and develop the best attorney SEO strategy for your firm, you need to hire an expert in the industry.

A professional SEO agency for attorneys can do a comprehensive site audit, conduct proper keyword research, publish high-quality content, and design and develop your site with an excellent user experience. 

Meeting these essential search engine optimization requirements will allow you to establish the best attorney SEO strategy, grow your client base, and ultimately boost your law firm.