5 Simple Medical Website Design Tips that Get More Patients

Professional marketing agencies can offer custom medical website design tips for your practice.

A website is a powerful digital marketing resource for any healthcare organizations and medical practices. To take full advantage of your website, we’ll share some quick and easy medical website design tips that will help reach, engage, and bring in more patients to your clinic.  

Any healthcare organization willing to grow their practice needs a solid online representation. For that, your medical website design needs to have several essential attributes to perform well on the web. 

Reach Your Target Patients with Effective Medical Website Design

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These medical website design tips will come in handy as you go through the website design process. 

Medical Website Design Tips for a Professional Website

Medical offices and clinics need to look a certain way to make their patients feel at ease, secure, and help them heal. 

However, not all doctors’ offices are necessarily identical. 

Your medical website design is an extension of your physical clinic.

A sports medicine doctor’s office will look different from a pediatrician’s clinic.

A dermatologist’s clinic will not have the same look and feel as that of an urgent care center. 

The interiors of medical clinics are planned and designed to resonate with their target market. 

The same principle goes for healthcare and medical websites. As such, one of the essential medical website design tips you will hear a lot is to go for a patient-focused approach.

Following effective medical website design tips will produce a powerful website for your practice, which will then boost your success.

Eric Steinke, PT, DPT, CSOMT | Founder and CEO, Precision Sports Physical Therapy

Your Website Is an Extension of Your Medical Practice 

Your practice’s online persona reflects your credibility as a healthcare professional. As such, your website, which is your most important online platform needs to be an extension of your medical practice’s public image.

You will encounter numerous medical website design tips as you look into having a website for your medical practice. However, depending on your specific medical specialty and subspecialty, your medical website designer will need to customize these solutions to meet your practice’s needs. 

As a professional medical website design agency, we have compiled the following valuable tips that you should consider incorporating into your website to attract and convert more patients.

Here are the common medical website design tips you should follow for creating an effective website for doctors and healthcare professionals.

A Mobile-Responsive Medical Website

When you check a website on your phone or tablet that you have to pinch and zoom in just to see the contents, then it’s probably a frustrating experience.

What did you do? You probably left the website and went to a different one that gave you exactly what you needed. 

It’s the same for your medical website visitors. If they land on your website and it doesn’t give them a positive user experience, then they will close out of it and move on to your competitor.   

A good medical website design tip you'll always hear is the importance of mobile responsiveness website features.

Your website’s ultimate goal is to provide the best user experience to prospective new patients.

This is what we meant above by a patient-focused medical website design approach.

By doing so, you are gaining their trust and confidence, ultimately leading them to acquire your healthcare services.

As such, mobile responsiveness may top the list of essential medical website design tips.

You’ve probably heard digital marketing experts mention the importance of a mobile-responsive website. 

Key responsive medical website design tips and elements include:

  • It must have intuitive and easy navigation.
  • It must have readable text without requiring the user to zoom in or out. 
  • It must have sufficient spaces for clicking essential buttons.

60% of overall internet searches from mobile devices

Mobile searches make up more than half of internet searches – these include those who look for local medical and healthcare providers, such as your prospective patients.

Google places high importance on a website’s mobile responsiveness feature. This means that if your medical website demonstrates excellent mobile presence and performance, you will have a more favorable ranking in relevant search results.

A Well-Crafted Home Page with All the Right Features

Your home page is the first thing potential new patients will see when visiting your medical website.

Here’s a good medical website design tip when it comes to your home page: devise a compelling headline. 

Three seconds. That’s all it takes for you to grab your site visitors’ attention. That’s where your medical website headline comes in. 

It’s a vital piece of medical website copy that should describe what benefits you can offer to potential new patients.  

Are you a dermatologist focusing solely on pediatric dermatology? Perhaps you’re an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine? 

These details should be presented prominently on your home page.

Another valuable medical website design tip is to define who your target patient base is and what services they will need. Once you know all this pertinent information, you can develop your home page and your entire medical website design based on this approach.

An Active Blog or Resource Area

A strong healthcare marketing strategy entails blogging.

Your medical website’s blog page is a valuable online foundation on which you can launch an effective content marketing strategy.

A strong content marketing can boost your medical practice.

On top of that, an active blog or resource area on your website will be the crucial component in developing your local SEO campaign, generating new website traffic, and more.

Unfortunately, many medical practices overlook blogging and the importance of adding new content to their website.

This is not a good medical website design tip.

SEO (the process of getting your website to the top of search engines) and content marketing are related. Success in SEO entails producing original, high-quality, and engaging website content, including blog posts.

A Well-Executed Medical Search Engine Optimization Campaign

Regardless of what niche or industry you are in, your business needs a solid and elaborate SEO plan to thrive online. If you are a healthcare provider, work with a professional healthcare marketing agency. They know how to execute the type of marketing campaign you need for your medical or dental practice.

A professional digital marketing agency can provide you with practical medical website design tips and custom medical SEO solutions.

There's a balance between showcasing patient reviews on your medical website and leveraging them for SEO.

You may be under the impression that you know precisely what kind of medical services or healthcare treatment options your potential patients are looking for online. 

However, you cannot verify this information for sure until you conduct proper keyword research and analysis.

Keyword research and analysis is a vital segment of SEO and medical website design. This tip will help your website rank for the medical services and treatments you offer.

Highlight Patient Testimonials

When it comes to the validation and credibility of your medical practice, positive patient feedback and reviews hold so much substance.

Your patients’ feedbacks and reviews represent customer satisfaction, stellar service, success, and even longevity. 

Positive customer reviews are also an effective marketing component when it comes to digital marketing. 

However, when incorporating patient reviews on your website, here’s an essential medical website design tip to remember. It would be best if you showcased patient feedback on your website correctly and, at the same time, leverage their significant marketing value. 

A website design agency specializing in websites for doctors and healthcare professionals knows how to utilize positive customer reviews to supplement your customer acquisition strategy. 

Key Takeaway on Medical Website Design Tips

A medical website design firm uses effective healthcare marketing strategies and provides custom solutions based on your practice’s needs. 

These professionals understand that the best and most effective digital healthcare marketing campaigns are designing and developing an excellent medical website. They also pay careful attention and study your website analytics to understand what specific digital marketing integrations work for you. 

Following these medical website design tips should enhance the overall online performance of your medical website. This will result in increasing new patient leads and growing your practice.