5 Common Misconceptions About SEO Companies

SEO companies can help your business succeed. However, there are common misconceptions about them.

Search engine optimization entails employing techniques and strategies that professional and reliable SEO companies have honed and continue to refine.

We will shed light on some of the falsest impressions about SEO companies and the general concepts behind search engine optimization in today’s post.

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While this branch of online marketing is not rocket science, there are still critical technical strategies and techniques needed to succeed in it.

It will be beneficial if business owners and other SEO clients are able to comprehend what SEO companies do and how they can tailor their services to suit your business needs. This way, misunderstandings, and mistaken beliefs can be avoided.

If you are interested in hiring a professional SEO company’s services, read on to educate yourself first about the common misconceptions of what they do.

SEO Myth 1: It’s not really needed.

If you want your business to keep up with the digital market, make sure you implement a good SEO strategy.

If you don’t want your business to succeed in today’s digital age, then you may not need SEO.

However, if you want to improve your business website’s online visibility and searchability, you need to employ an SEO professional.

As you know, when people need a particular product or service, the first thing they typically do is to type whatever it is they are looking for into Google.

If they don’t see your business website on there, then you are losing potential customers.
That’s where SEO companies can step in and help.

SEO Myth 2: It’s a One-Time Thing

Many SEO specialists have probably been asked this question countless times:
“Can we stop SEO now?” “Can we pause the campaign?”

The simple answer is no. You can’t employ SEO services and get lifetime results. Maintaining a search engine-optimized presence on the web ensures that you have successful and sustainable results.

SEO Myth 3: SEO Companies Can Control Google and Other Search Engines

This is one of the biggest misconstructions about SEO specialists. Some business owners think that hiring an SEO expert can instantly boost their website’s Google rankings.

Adam Aldous | President and Founder | Night Flight Concepts

This could not be further from the truth. SEO companies can’t just call the Google headquarters to make a website appear at the top of search engine rankings.

The primary goal of SEO companies is to give search engines what they are looking for.

SEO experts understand what essential factors Google and other search engines need. This vital understanding lets Google and other search engines better gauge how to rank your website content for your targeted keywords.

The specialists will then employ certain techniques and strategies to make their client’s website and online platforms perform well in terms of search rankings.

SEO Myth 4: Guaranteed Results

If any SEO company or SEO specialist makes promises or guarantees that they can put you at the top of Google, that’s a huge red flag. You are better off finding another SEO company.

Be wary of SEO promises that sound too good to be true.

As we mentioned above, SEO is a process. The techniques employed in this marketing discipline certainly work – mainly if sufficient time and resources are devoted to them.

However, no SEO can guarantee a specific search ranking, and most especially top or number one ranks.

When the day comes that an SEO agency can do that, then SEO services will cease to be needed. This is because they could just employ the same exact SEO techniques that claimed the top rank.

Since no businesses are the same, an SEO strategy for one business does not necessarily work for another – even if they are in the same niche.

If an SEO agency tries to guarantee number one Google rankings for your business, ask them to show you what their own company’s Google rank is if you search the term “SEO services.”

Indeed, if they guarantee results like that, they can apply it to their own company.
If they don’t even have the number one spot on Google, ask them how to guarantee that result for your business.

SEO Myth 5: You Can Target Multiple Keywords (or Any Keywords) at Once

Any SEO professional worth their salt can tell you targeting multiple keywords is not an effective SEO strategy. Going this route will lead to negative SEO results for your business.

Effective keyword research is a vital step in the overall SEO process. This step will also reveal what effective keywords you need to target.

Keyword research and analysis is a comprehensive process.

Proficient SEO companies know how to comprehend keywords’ keyword difficulty and the industry you are in.

The more SEO specialists target or compete for one keyword; the more work is needed to attain rankings for that specific keyword.

Researching the right keywords will disclose the keywords with less competition to effectively target your business.

Eventually, you can work on targeting the more competitive keywords.

Key Benefits SEO Companies Can Offer Your Business

A User-Friendly and Optimized Website

An SEO-ready website is crucial for any business.

If you are a small business owner, having a website or an online presence may be the least of your priority for your company.

However, if you want your business to succeed in today’s digital age, you must have a strong, consistent, and robust online presence.

Having an excellent online presence entails a user-friendly and optimized website. A professional SEO agency can help you achieve that.

Characteristics of a User-Friendly Website:

Mobile Responsive
• Clean, uncluttered
• Well-structured
• Fast loading times
• Relevant, engaging, and original web content (blog and sales pages)

These factors help your site visitors (also considered as potential customers) happy. They are more likely to find the answers they are looking for on your business website.

SEO Companies Help You Reach More Leads That Turns into Customers

One of the goals of having an excellent and professional online presence for your business is to stand out from your competition.

When you achieve this goal, you can broaden your customer base. You can reach out to a wider target audience and eventually convert them into customers or clients.

Professional SEO companies can help devise a custom online marketing strategy for your business in today’s modern age.

When looking for professional SEO companies, make sure you hire an experienced team with a proven track record. They can help you target customers who are actively looking for your product or service.