4 Benefits of Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies for Doctors

Implement social media marketing strategies for doctors to boost your practice's ROI.

When you’re running a healthcare business, implementing social media marketing strategies for doctors may seem like a non-essential marketing tactic.

With so many deliverables necessary to keep your local healthcare business running, it’s easy to push social media marketing for doctors and healthcare specialists to the wayside. However, you shouldn’t write healthcare social media off that quickly.

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People are on their phones a lot. Most of this time is spent on social media platforms. Consumers will regularly interact with businesses and companies they are in business with or interested in on social media – including healthcare providers.

Your patients and prospects are already on social media waiting to hear from you.

Do you know the right social media marketing strategies for doctors to use to engage prospects?

Eric Steinke, PT, DPT, CSOMT | Founder and CEO, Precision Sports Physical Therapy

Focusing on Community

Most medical practices are small and local. As such, your healthcare business must be focused on community engagement and individual patients.

This makes social media marketing strategies for doctors a powerful tool to connect with prospective patients for your healthcare clinic.

Consumers are on their mobile devices looking for local businesses.

Even better, when done right, social media marketing for the healthcare sector is an effective lead generation platform.

You can create content and share healthcare resources that will offer added value to patients – both old and new. As you do this, you are also fostering affinity for your brand.

Social media users engaging with your content means they are actively looking for it. It also means they are choosing to receive business updates by following you on social media.

Because these users already elected to follow your brand, there are higher chances for them to convert into new patients for your healthcare clinic – compared to a random social media user seeing an ad irrelevant to what they need.

Why Social Media Marketing Strategies for Doctors and Specialists Work

You Can Hyper-Target Prospective Patients

Social media can let you target the ideal clients you're looking for.

One of the primary reasons why social media marketing strategies for doctors are so effective is because of customer targeting. Since social media platforms have millions of active users, you’re most likely to find your target patients on them.

Social media users’ data is readily available to advertisers and business owners to benefit from.

You can target your ideal patients based on the data and exact demographics already prepared for you.

Showing your healthcare social media ads and campaign to the right prospective patients is a vital step in the marketing process.

Establish Brand Awareness

Achieving brand awareness and recognition is one of any healthcare business’ essential marketing goals. That’s because consumers want to give their business to brands they know and recognize. Many consumers even extend certain degrees of loyalty, which can then lead to long-term healthcare business advantages.

Social media makes it easy for effective and powerful brand building.

When it comes to brand building, a vital social media marketing strategy for doctors is consistency. This means paying attention to and being strategic about your logos, profile, and cover photos.

Make sure your healthcare brand’s visual representation and elements are displayed adequately throughout your social media profiles and everywhere else online.

Build Audience Engagement

Brand engagement is an important aspect of social media marketing for small and local businesses.

Aside from being able to target exact demographics and specific audiences with healthcare social media marketing, you can save this data for future social media campaigns for healthcare clinics.

Establishing your landing page and social audiences are vital to generating success from your social media marketing strategies for doctors.

Utilizing historical data is one way to create consistent and long-term marketing success for y our healthcare practice.

For instance, you can target social media users from past audiences you initiated from a previous campaign. This means that when a user clicks one of your healthcare social media ads or goes to a landing page, you can retarget these users at a future date with related ads and more desirable offers.

Track and Monitor ROI

Another vital instrument for marketers that social media advertising offers is tracking and monitoring the return on investment from your social media marketing campaigns.

Facebook has an ad platform you can use for your business' social ad campaigns.

Facebook, for example, has the Ads Manager platform. The tools allows you to track and analyze your ad budget directly, performance, return on ad spend (ROAS), cost per lead, and other essential ad categories at a quick glance.

Advertisers appreciate this feature because they can directly see how their advertising budget is performing.

They are free to cut underperforming campaigns and continue well-performing ones to generate more positive results.

When done right, social media marketing strategies for doctors offer small advertising expenses and big sales returns.

The key is working with an experienced healthcare social media marketing specialist to track and monitor your ad campaigns regularly.

Expert social media marketers also ensure that you can achieve optimum results with a low cost per action. This means that every social media advertising dollar you spend will yield a higher return in sales.

Position Your Brand as an Authority

In the medical industry, building your authority is integral to succeeding as a healthcare provider. Consumers consider you a reliable and credible medical professional when they see you as an authority in your medical specialty.

Initiate campaigns that can be seen by your target audience, so they are more likely to convert..

They know they can count on you to give stellar medical services. Leveraging social media marketing strategies for doctors is a great way to position your brand as an authority in your field.

You can definitely use social media to build brand authority for your medical practice.

However, since social media is more of a personal and informal setting for businesses and consumers to interact, there are certain points to keep in mind.

The key is to find the balance between sharing healthcare information and showing the human side of your healthcare business.

By posting about your knowledge and expertise as a medical professional and incorporating more of your personal side, you could potentially generate more trust – rather than if you talk to social media users from behind a business logo.

Key Takeaway: Social Media Marketing Strategies for Doctors

Social media is a free, simple, and convenient tool for healthcare businesses to connect directly and engage with patients and prospects. However, being free, simple, and convenient doesn’t mean you should just start posting whatever you want.

To utilize social media as an effective marketing asset for your healthcare business, you must implement tried-and-tested social media marketing strategies for doctors and healthcare professionals.