3 Tips to Improve Digital Marketing

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Okay, that’s it. You’ve launched your business website. It’s out there now, and you’ve got a great digital marketing strategy all laid out in front of you. And it’s probably a good strategy – one that you worked hard on and took several buyer profiles into consideration.

But,as I was recently reminded, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

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And one truth of the internet is that it will (metaphorically) punch you in the mouth.

Keep your digital marketing ahead of the game! Are you sure the strategy you’ve got now can’t be improved, even just a little? Here’s our top three tips to improve your digital marketing.

1. Create Stellar Content

It’s got to be thumb-stopping. Scroll-pausing. The world moves fast, and potential clients give you very little time to capture their attention. Once you’ve got it, you’ll have to keep it, and there’s a few ways you can do that – and then you’ll have to do it repeatedly. The days of people tearing an ad out of a magazine and taking it into the store to buy that specific item are over. You want people to buy it, you might really have to sell it to them.

It can take up to 17 touch points before a lead makes a first purchase. It can two years after you start publishing content for your customers to see you as an “expert”or “reliable.” Although the online world moves fast, there’s so much of it that it’s easy to get swept away in a tidal wave, never seeing the fish right under your nose in the first place.

Don’t post images that are dark, out of focus, or low quality. If you’re not sure –ask! Whatever social media platform your business is on, do a little research using hashtags, tags, location, or search terms. Find a local graphic artist or photographer, and – sometimes for a small fee – ask them for a consult to help you determine how to put up the best social media and website images possible.

Make your copy bright, engaging, and with a unique and genuine voice. Whether it’s a blog post, the caption of an image on social media, or a press release, your digital marketing will benefit from an authentic, professionally written tone.

2. Learn What Works

Capture and measure success metrics. Analyze the data. Identify and fix your nonproductive marketing efforts. Adjust your strategy based on what you see works – not what you think might work. Listen to and engage with customers on social media.

Digital marketing strategy should include detailed metrics Your digital marketing strategy should include detailed metrics

A/B Testing

One of the most common and effective ways to find out what people really like is to use A/B testing. This means you send out two slightly different versions of the same email – say, it is the same copy in both versions but uses a different image. Or, all the copy and the image is the same, but the subject line of each is unique. When you can narrow down specifically which elements of your material people respond to best – click on more, open more emails, follow more links, buy more products – then you know how to combine all those elements to put together a super powered digital marketing campaign.

Change Is Constant

Then, of course, once you’ve got it perfect, be ready to adjust it. People are constantly interested in new and different things. What worked for your audience last year (or even last month or last week!) might not be the best choice for a long-term strategy.


Do you want to be a trend chaser or a trendsetter? Do you know what your company’s brand sounds like and you want to establish long-term customers who stick with you year after year? Keep these things in mind when you tweak and make adjustments, and don’t chase the highest point of every metric. Realize that having several solid metrics might be a better long-term strategy for your company than having one strong and several weak metric points.

Your digital marketing team brings together IT, sales, and customer service. Your digital marketing team brings together IT, sales, and customer service.

Stay Consistent and Persistent

Like any slow process, digital marketing is not often an overnight success. Oh sure, you can hit on a real winner here and there, but for the most part, you’re looking for strong, steady growth that you can replicate. It’s a snowball effect. So keep your digital marketing snowball rolling down the hill – you will see the results eventually.